Forgotten - Catherine McKenzie (Review & Giveaway)

4 Stars!
Emma Tupper is a dedicated lawyer with a bright future. But when she takes a month-long leave of absence to go on an African vacation, she ends up facing unexpected consequences. After she falls ill and spends six months trapped in a remote village thanks to a devastating earthquake, Emma returns home to discover that her friends, boyfriend, and colleagues thought she was dead—and that her life has moved on without her.

As she struggles to re-create her old life, throwing herself into solving a big case for a client and trying to reclaim her beloved apartment from the handsome photographer who assumed her lease, everyone around her thinks she should take the opportunity to change. But is she willing to sacrifice her job, her relationships, and everything else she worked so hard to build?


Catherine McKenzie was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, where she now practices law. An avid runner and skier, she has also taught part-time at the McGill Faculty of Law.
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Great story, great idea for a story! This was very original, at least it was to me, and I have read a lot of books! This was my first book by this author and now I would like to read another  :-)
Actually one of her other books has been on my wish list for a while now, "Arranged" maybe I should look into that.

In a nut shell, what if you...
*Went on a vacation for a month
*get sick
*get stuck in an earthquake that wipes out power, travel, and phones
You return home 6 months later to find -
*You have been "missing" and declared dead!
*your apartment has been rented and all your stuff sold!
*your office at the law firm and been taken over by your arch enemy
*your boyfriend has "moved on"
* and your best friend is now "missing" because she went looking for you!

Yeah - this book is good!
It has some nice touching parts but also because Emma is a lawyer and working on a stolen painting case, there is a nice little mystery in there too. Actually I liked the mystery part just as much as the other parts! It was all done very well.

The character development was very good. I really liked Emma. I could really picture her in my mind. I think she was just strong enough without being overbearing, she was quippy enough without being a smartmouth, she was sensitive enough without being a sap. I thought her character was just right. She knew when to go for it and when to wait and hold back. The author got this right on.

I also  loved the conversations. The conversation part of a book can be so important. I love conversations in books... or should I say good, realistic conversations in books. This is where it can either make it or break it for me.  This book nailed it.
"But do you think it is a good idea?"
"Who cares? You are going to go no matter what I say."
"Why do you think I'd go if you say I shouldn't?"
"Because. If you want to confront Dominic, that feeling's not going to go away because I come up with more items for the con column that the pro column!"
"You have more items for the con column?"
"You're relentless."

"Do you mind if I leave early today?"
"Sure, see you on Monday."
"Thanks Emma! You're the BBE."
It takes me a moment to decipher this. Best boss ever. How does someone so competent come in such a "The Hills" package?" heeheehee

"What did the messages say?"
"What do you think? That I called."
"Was I suppose to pour my heart out to your assistant?"
"Only if you wanted to read about it on her blog the next day." again heeheehee
All in all this was a great read! It was interesting. I had no trouble getting into it right away! It had a little sadness, a little excitement, a little mystery, and a little romance!
There was some swearing (the "F" word, a few times), there was talk of sex but nothing graphic.

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  1. Sounds good. I keep hearing great things.
    (not an entry)

  2. I too think this is unusual idea and makes ya think what would happen in your own life were something like this to happen..
    and about having an author comment on your site-me too-thrilled when it happens. I love to read and these are like my friends to my way of thinking, maybe not theirs.
    like to check your blog from time to time and am not dissappointed when I do-interesting things happen here....

    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)

    1. Thank you so much Paula for the complements! I always visit your blog as well!

  3. Brings to mind Tom Hanks in Cast Away! Sounds like a terrific read.

  4. Wow, this sounds awesome. Like Karen said, it does remind me of Cast Away, but of course Emma was gone only half a year instead of years like Tom Hanks' character.

    Another book to add to the list :)

  5. Great review! I'm very influenced (on what makes a book GOOD!) by the conversations, too. I'm very glad that you spoke of that! Thanks for a chance to win!

  6. This book sounds terrific.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  7. This sounds like one to get absorbed into! I cant wait to read it :-)

  8. Thanks so much for the lovely review - Catherine McKenzie

  9. I have seriously been wanting to read this for quite a while now. Its in my TBR on Goodreads and my wish list on Amazon. Great review!

  10. I loved Spin, and have been dying to get my hands on this book forever. Seriously, a loooooong time. Catherine is wonderful, I follow her on Facebook and she is always trying to spread the word about other authors' books and totally deserves to be rewarded for her own amazing work.

  11. I love this author. She has a way of making an off-the-wall premise sounds plausible and realistic. I have this one. I can't wait to read it.

  12. I'm intrigued by her life in the village, then her life at home and the fact she has to rebuild it.