God Loves You. - Chester Blue, by Suzanne Anderson

5 Stars!
What if when you most needed help, a blue bear appeared with a note from God? One night, Miss Millie of Blossom, Ohio turns her face to the stars and asks God for help. The next day, a package arrives on her doorstep containing a blue teddy bear and a special note. Over the course of a year, this remarkable blue bear travels across the country, showing up just when he’s needed most. During his journey, Chester Blue helps a young girl trying to impress her big sisters; saves a sailor caught in a terrible storm; reunites two constantly fighting brothers; helps a cowboy become a rodeo clown; and aids a father and daughter in bonding after divorce. If you ever needed a message from God, it's here...
I was born in Fort Lauderdale, attended the University of Michigan on an athletic scholarship for swimming and then worked on Wall Street. I left the bright lights of the big city fifteen years ago and traveled the world. I now live in the mountains of Colorado, where I pursue my dream of writing novels.  
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Oh my goodness, what a delightful story! Cute, cute, cute! A little teddy bear spreading God's love wherever he goes. Have you ever felt sad, then had something very simple happen and it just cheered you up, and you thought "That is just what I needed!" Well that is exactly what Chester Blue does.
He seems to fall into the hands of  the people who need him the most. I also love the little twist of having the blue thread in his suitcase and those finding him just happen to need the thread for something important. It almost has a magical quality to it! 

I love the way she describes the small town feel. I too live in a small town.
"Honey, its not just Main St,the whole town is as quiet as a church on Monday. So many people have moved away, I believe we're the town that's been forgotten.
Miss Millie looked down at her cup of coffee and frowned. This was terrible news. Blossom was a wonderful town. Yes, it was a small town and perhaps not as exciting as a big city.  But there were so many good things about it. Why had people given up and moved away?"
Another thing I loved about this story was the was she made the bear seem like a real character -
"Chester Blue didn't say anything. He just looked at Sam and made sure that his suitcase was firmly tucked under his arm."
"Chester sat on top of the box and stared ahead as the water and harbor full of boats drew closer and closer. He'd never seen so many boats and wondered what they were doing here."
And everyone seems to talk to Chester too, even though they all know he is just a stuffed bear.

All in all this was a wonderfully delightful story! It is a chapter book so really meant for older children (maybe 8 - 12 yr. olds) but could also be used as a read-a-loud story. It is a cute story that will certainly be able to keep the attention of any child (or Adult!). I can't wait to read it to my future grandchildren!

Thank you so much Suzanne Anderson for sending me this cute book to read and review!

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  1. This does sound like an achingly endearing book, and I mean that in a good way! I think I need a little Chester Blue in my life right now. Really, don't we all?

    1. Yes, I do think we all could use a little Chester Blue in our lives!

  2. Great review! Love that name, Chester Blue!

    This book would be perfect as a Christmas gift.
    I'd give a special blue teddy bear with it so the recipient could have his/her very own Chester Blue ;o)