Finding The Baby Jesus - Kimball Fisher

4 Stars!

After being forced to wear lederhosen for the annual holiday card picture, twelve-year-old Chris thinks that the least his parents can do is get him the Tony Hawk skateboard he wants for Christmas. But when he recovers the hand-carved Baby Jesus that everyone thought had been destroyed in a fire the year his Grandma died, Chris realizes that some gifts are even more important than skateboards.

 Kimball Fisher is a best-selling business book author who also writes children's literature. He lives with his sweetheart—and a few wild animals that occasionally wander into his yard—in Portland, Oregon. You can reach him at - kimball@kimballfisher.co
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This was a very sweet, quick read. It was nice reading about a boy actually understanding the true meaning of Christmas. I liked the little friendship between Chris and Hyrum. They felt like real boys in this story. The Author did a nice job on the character development. You really get to know the characters even though this is a short story. 
This would be a great "read-a-loud" story to do with your family on Christmas Eve!
I asked Kimball Fisher, the author, to do a Tens list.
Here's what I asked him -
Everyone has Holiday traditions even if they think they don't.
There are always those things you do every Christmas time.
What are your 10 things your family does EVERY Christmas (big or small)?
Kimball Fisher's 10 favorite family Christmas traditions 

1- We stay in pajamas all day on Christmas! It keeps us focused on enjoying the day at home together. On the rare occasion when we travel out to visit, we upgrade to sweats.

2- I keep a fire burning in the fireplace while my sweetheart works on a jigsaw puzzle. I love the smell and the popping noise of burning wood.

3- Every Christmas I set up my out-of-control, Dickens village lighted-houses mountain scene (with 200+ houses, operational waterfalls, a smoking chimney, clippy-cloppy horse hooves and children singing sound effects, swirling ice-skaters, mountain sledders, a flying Santa, a parade encircling the town church, and two whistling electric trains). It takes about 50 hours and every year I threaten to never do it again.

4- My sweetheart decorates the Christmas tree with ornaments from places we have visited together. Some of my favorites include nativity carvings from Germany and Israel and an awesome Chinese Santa from Hong Kong--painted on a large nut.

5- We march downstairs on Christmas morning in time to the rousing Mormon Tabernacle Choir rendition of "Oh Come All Ye Faithful."

6- I get my wife a new game every Christmas that we play together that afternoon.

7 and 8- We have a Christmas eve tradition with our friends that inspired, in part, me to write FINDING THE BABY JESUS. First we eat Chinese takeout (7), then we do a talent show (8). Desperate to do something that wasn't too embarrassing, I debuted a couple of versions of this short story with them.

9-We always eat yam and apple casserole for Christmas dinner.

10- I always make my wife a home-made gift (usually a woodworking or stained glass project). I love seeing her open it as the last present. 

These are wonderful! I love the idea of a talent show! And I can just picture you and your wife marching down the stairs heehee. I also love the game idea!
Thank you so much for being a part of my blog - Have a very Blessed Christmas! 
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Thank you Kathy from "I'm a reader, not a writer" for hosting this book tour and sending me this e-book to read and review!  



  1. Thanks for being part of my book tour. Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh, he sounds like he would be an excellent person to spend the holiday with, and I would love to read his book! It would be perfect for getting in the spirit of the holidays!!

  3. The book sounds interesting. I don't think I'll have time to read it this year though.