How to Host a Holiday - Kathleen Kitson

4.5 Stars!
Ivy Stratton has Big Plans to host an unforgettable Christmas dinner party and win the heart of the man of her dreams.
When her Big Plans fall apart, Ivy must scramble to make the most of the situation and keep her composure as the ideal holiday host.

I'm a novelist who lives in the beautiful Midwest, writing as Kathleen Kitson. I've been a fan of books and reading as long as I can remember, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of being captivated by wonderful story. 

I really liked this book. I don't know why I liked it so much. It was simple nothing really spectacular or thought provoking. It just really clicked with me! I guess I liked it because it felt real. Like this could have been me about 25 years ago. It was just a short story about a young woman hosting a Christmas party for her friends. This story could have been about anybody.

The character development was great! I really liked Ivy. I thought she had a great personality. I liked all her friends and even the guy she was suppose to win the heart of. I thought the author did a fabulous job!

This whole story kinda reminded me of when I lived in Savannah GA for a while. There was a big hurricane coming through, and in Savannah - you don't evac., you throw "Hurricane parties"! So I went to my first hurricane party! There were candles everywhere (because the elec. was out) there was lots of food. Someone was playing the Ukelele and everyone was dancing and singing. While outside the boarded up windows the hurricane was wreaking havoc with the apartment complex.
Nothing like that happens in this book! but the elec. does go out and they still manage to have the party and have fun!
Here's a few lines I just loved -
"I am waiting for someone to develop a shopping app that allows you to choose your groceries, pay online, and have them delivered to your doorstep. When that happens, I'll make gourmet meals everyday." Ha! Me too!
 "Despite the ice storm, the power outage, the uncooked turkey, the surprise guest, and an argument with Giuseppe, I've dreamed of a Christmas like this my entire life." LOL isn't she adorable?
All in all this was a great little story! I don't remember any swearing, and there is no sex, so - very clean. It was fun, interesting, quirky, has great lines and a great cast.

AND - its FREE!!!!!
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The Author, Kathleen Kitson has asked if I would think about reviewing her other two books and now I can't wait! Thank you so much Kathleen for sending me this one! We will meet again in Jan.


  1. Sounds like a blast.
    I kinda miss hurricanes now that I'm in Kentucky.
    Weird I know.

    DUDE I love that quote.
    That is so me.
    I was just saying it last night to my hubs.
    I hate the grocery store and wish it could all be delivered.

    And it is a cute cover.

    And it's free?
    Going to grab it.

    Thanks for the review and heads up.

  2. This sounds like the perfect Christmas read, and since that is what I am in the market for right now, You've sold me on this one. Great review today! I need this!!

  3. I like the cover on this one, too. Thanks for sharing this. I picked it up.