Knitting and Cooking

"Knitting Classic Style" by Véronik Avery - 4 Stars

Avery has created 35 smashingly contemporary garments that take their cues from decades and designers past. The collection of clothing and accessories Avery presents is organized into four thematic chapters that highlight women’s wear, men’s wear (and its influence on women’s and children’s clothing), traditional ethnic garb, and sportswear.

This book has some gorgeous patterns! Lots of lace, colorwork, and cables (my favorite). The patterns look easy to follow. There is a wide range of items and from Beginner to advanced. I think this would be a good book for someone who is bored with the "same ol' same ol' stuff" to knit.
There are patterns for shawls, scarfs, socks, gloves, sweaters (for men women and children) a very nice variety of items to knit.

My only problem with this review e-book was that I had trouble opening it on my nook. I downloaded it several times. I could tell that it was going to be a good one so I really wanted to look at it. I ended up just looking at it on the computer instead.
Of course if you buy the book version you will not have this trouble! LOL

Thank you Netgalley for this e-book to read and review!

"Walt's Comfort Food, Recipes From Mel's Diner" by Robert Thornhill - 4 Stars

Walt Williams, the 65-year-old cop in Robert Thornhill's Lady Justice mystery/comedy series, loves to eat at Mel's Diner because Mel serves comfort food.
In this tongue-in-cheek cookbook, Walt shares some of Mel's special recipes and culinary secrets.
If you need a little pick-me-up after a rotten day, one of Mel's comfort food recipes might just do the trick! 

I probably would not eat most of the food in this cookbook (a lot of it has meat) but this is not your usual cookbook! This book is hilarious! And I enjoyed reading it as much as I liked looking through the recipes. The Author even admits that if you are looking for healthy recipes, this is not the cookbook for you. Everything in here is loaded with butter, smothered with gravy, covered in cheese, and has at least 5,000,000 calories (OK so I exaggerated a little). 
But there are still some pretty darn good recipes in here! His recipe for Baked Sweet potatoes is almost the same as mine (I add a 1/2 cup of OJ). 
There's - Bacon wrapped Shrimp, Chili Cheese fries, Cheesy chicken noodle casserole (I might actually try this one), Chicken & noodles (this one sounds good too), Chocolate cake and even sugar cookies, just to name a few.  

"One day your dog dies, your wife runs off with your best friend, your custom pick-up with the chrome wheels gets hit by a train, your dad gets five years in Leavenworth ---- Hold on! --- This sounds like a really bad country song... - We get through the rough spots in life by putting something yummy in our mouths. It’s called “comfort food.”

Thanks to the author - Robert, for turning me on to this little gem of a cook book!


  1. The knitting books sounds great and has my favorite also, cables!!!!!!! Love to make cables.
    Recipes from Mel's dinner sound scrumptious. YUM!
    Great reviews. Sorry you had problems opening the Knitting Classic style.

    1. forgot to sign my name HAHA

    2. LOL you'd be surprised how many do not put their name. A few have actually entered a contest and not put their name!