North Pole High - Candace Jane Kringle (Review & E-book giveaway!)

 4.5 Stars!

MEET SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD CANDYCANE CLAUS. She's the most popular girl at North Pole High. Her father is world-famous. And every day is Christmas. What more could any girl want?

BOYS! And the new boy, Rudy Tutti, is hot chocolate. But he hates anything to do with Christmas!

When Candy and Rudy are forced to work together on a school Christmas-tree project, her world is turned upside down: Her grades start to suffer, she loses her taste for ice cream, and now the two North-Star-cross'd teens must contend with her overprotective father — Santa Claus — before Christmas is ruined for EVERYONE!

Candace Jane Kringle is a junior at North Pole High. She likes candy canes, unicorn races, and making snow angels. Her father is the most well-known and beloved toymaker and toy distributor in the world. Her memoir, North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus, is her first book. After high school, she plans to enroll at North Pole University and write more books.
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Oh my goodness this book was cute cute cute cute cute! Yes, it was over done, but... can a Christmas book really be over done? This story was nothing but fun. I truly enjoyed reading it and I am so glad I chose it to be my first Christmas book! Everything about this story drips Christmas, including the names of the people - Candycane, Snowflake,Johnny Toboggan, Silentnight, Sugarcookie, Tinsel, Douglas Fir, and Rudy Tutti. This cast of characters is just as cute as their names, but don't let the "nice" of Christmas spirit fool you, these kids are a little naughty too!
And to add to the fun of this story there are also characters such as Chefy the Penguin who is the family cook, Mr. Polar Bear the high school teacher, Flip and Flop the two puffins who are hilarious, and Elves who get high on elfnip (but only during the mating season)! During the story they do not seem like animals or comical characters they seem like real people and I kept forgetting that they Chefy was really a penguin, he just seemed like part of the family. There are quite a few twists and turns and a great ending, that I kind of suspected a little, but not enough that it ruined the story.

This book must sound very silly and it is but in a good way. It is very fun, Christmassy, sweet, adventurous (in a teen kind of way) and cute.
Here are few of my favorite lines -
"Begging your pardon, Mrs. Claus, but this doesn't look anything like lox."
We examined our plates. Each of us had been served a humongous bagel with a hot, steamed Christmas stocking spilling out the sides.
Chefy snickered. "Oops. My bad. I could not find no recipe for this "lox" so I assumed you'd said socks."
 "Let me tell you something about Vixen. She strips off her coat and scarf the minute she enters a building like she's on a fashion runway, and no matter how freezing it is, she's always wearing short skirts and tight belly shirts and, please, who still dresses like that after seeing how it worked out for Britney Spears? Hopefully Vixen will shave her head too."
All in all this is a great book to read at Christmas time. It is very whimsical and magical. It is silly and fun but with a touch of seriousness and sadness at times. This is a clean - no swearing, no sex. It does have light  suggestive language, but not bad.
I think this would be a great book for young teens to adults. I think a girl around 13 or 14 would love this story!

Thank you to the author for sending me this e-book to read and review!

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  1. I agree emphatically! It's cute & perfect for a teen reader.

  2. Sounds like a blast.
    I've heard great things about it. :)

  3. It does sound very cute and perfect for this time of year.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  4. This does sound cute! I'll be adding it to my tbr :)

  5. I absolutely love Holiday Books and hope to be able to sink my teeth into this one soon.

  6. Hi Wendy! Thanks so much for the kind review. I'm so happy to see such wonderful comments, especially that Juju had already heard great things about it. That means word of mouth is spreading like Christmas cheer! :)

    Good luck to those of you who entered the giveaway!