Snowy Saturday

Well I missed my "Fun Friday" because I am on vacation. I had to post some Speed reviews yesterday to catch up. I am still a few behind.
So I am here in Central PA - beautiful, historical Lewisburg, which is about an hour north of Harrisburg. This is such a nice town and I just love it here. We got a little snowstorm while I was here. Lewisburg got about 4" while Harrisburg got freezing rain and sleet. But... back home in Upstate NY they got a foot of snow! I kinda feel bad missing all the excitement. Hmmm (shoveling, shoveling, shoveling...) nope! Don't miss it! 
I will be going back home tomorrow - Sunday afternoon. On Mon. I will have a review for you and on Tues. Jan. 1st. I will do my end of the year - beginning of the year post. So be sure to come back for that.

The winner of the book -
The Magical Christmas Cat - Angela S. 
 Congrats!!!!! I had 95 entries!


I wanted to bring your attention to this post from Aris Whittier (an author friend of mine) I copied this right from Aris' blog. So you can click on her name to go right to her orig. post.

 Snowflake Project for Newtown, Connecticut

My daughter and I are making snowflakes for the children at Sandy Hook Elementary. The old school will no longer be used so the students will attend a new school. The teachers of the area are asking people to make and decorate snowflakes that will then be hung in the hallways of the new school. They do not want any words on the snowflakes, and are hoping for cheerful, happy (glitter & sparkle) snowflakes for the students to see when they enter their new building. When sending your snowflakes, please include a note about where they are from (school, class, town, state) to display along with your snowflakes. Hopefully we can bring a smile to the faces of these students!
Please send snowflakes to:

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT 06514

Snowflakes will be accepted until January 12, 2013
 As soon as I get home I am going to make some snowflakes and send them! I hope you all will do the same!


  1. It is snowing here already. Have a Happy New Year. Yes, we are staying in, me and my daughter and Maybe my son (who is home for now).

    1. Oh thats right! I forgot that your son would be home from college now! Well have fun!

  2. Wendy, you are the best! Thanks so much for posting this! I think the more snowflakes they get the better. Have a Happy New Year ;o)

  3. I like the snowflake idea. I'm going to see if I could make some.