Faithful, Fit & Fabulous - Week 1

Week one of the "Back to Basics, 8-week challenge" is Holy Habits.
We are suppose to choose one goal in this category and work on it through the week, acheive the goal and reward ourselves.

My goal is to choose and purchase a Devotional/Bible study book. To some this might seem like a very simple goal. Ahhh but trust me, to me this is no easy task! In Oct. I decided I wanted to buy a devotional for women and I have been searching ever since.
I must have looked at hundrends of books online and in stores. I guess I am just afraid to take the plunge. I mean, I guess this is a big step. Choosing the right one, buying it and following through and doing the book. If I choose the wrong one... do I still have to do the book?
So You can see my dilemma. I thought this would be a good goal for me since it is something I wanted to do anyway. And this way I might actually feel obligated to buy one. Well I have one week.

What am I looking for? Not one that goes daily, I don't want one that is labeled - Jan 1, Jan 2.
I am thinking one I can do weekly or bi-weekly.
One that asks questions.
One that has Bible verse references.
One that gives you things to think about.
One that might have homework for you to do throughout the week.
One that maybe I can write in, or keep a separate journal.
And for some reason this one is important to me - One that is for women, written by a woman. Only a woman can truly understand what another woman feels spiritually.

So I am determined to find just the right one. I have one week.
My reward - well that's easy! Since I will be ordering a book anyway I will get to choose another book off my wish list.

In my next post (next Wed.) find out how I did - hopefully I will have the title of my new devotional to share with you and the name of the wishlist book I choose as my reward!


  1. I have plenty of good devotionals but they are day to day. One that you might be interested in would be Purr-ables from Heaven - devotions for Cat Lovers by M.R. Wels, Dottie P. Adams and Connie Fleishauer. They are all women and it all relates to Scriptural things we can be taught by cats.

    1. That actually sounds rally cute! I don't think I would use that one as my main one but that might be a fun little extra for between!

  2. I can sympathize with you - there are just too many choices! And this is going to sound really crazy, but someone gave me a Billy Graham devotional a few months ago. Talk about intimidation - it is dated, every day for the whole year, although it is not for any particular year which is a plus. But it is by Billy Graham! I just haven't been able to commit myself to it. I keep imagining him standing over me shaking his finger if I skip a day.

    1. Yes! See that's what I am talking about. And what if you do skip days? do you have to play catch up? or do you just skip them? What if the ones you skipped were really good? UGH!

  3. You might want to see if they have any by Beth Moore. Her Bible studies always make me think, and I love that they come with a DVD component if you go that direction. If not, I am sure that she has some great personal bible study books available too!

    1. I have actually looked at a few Beth Moore! Some of hers look good. But I didn't know they come with a CD!!!