Faithful, Fit & Fabulous - Week 3!

My goal for last week was to make a "work/play pseudo schedule". I work from home part time doing child care before and after school. My own daughter is not still living at home and my husband works in another state so he is only home once a month. So the problem is that I get stuck either working my butt off all day long to get everything done at once or just slacking off and reading and knitting all day! I feel it is so uneven and kind of unproductive.
So the schedule I planned was - When I get home from walking the kids to school I will take a quick breakfast break (30 min. at most) the I will "work" for 1.5 - 2 hrs. this will include house work, paperwork, paying bills, childcare work, organizing, sorting, laundry and grocery shopping (which to me is also work). Then I get to play - read, knit, look at magazines etc.. Then again an hour before I go get the kids from school I will again put in an hour of work.

So far this seems to be working well. I actually feel like I am getting more done than if I work all day a couple days a week. And I am not as tired and having more fun.
My reward for this week was to have a craft day on Mon. which was my day off anyway. So it was fun!
From now on it is my understanding that we get to pick and choose which chapters we do in what order. So this week I am picking - Chapter 4 - Feel fit and fabulous.
I normally eat pretty healthy, the only meat I eat is fish and seafood (very seldom - chicken). I eat lots of veggies and fruits, lots of grains. I hardly ever snack. I do not drink soda or sweet drinks.
I like to exercise, but.. I am very inconsistent with it. 
My goal for this week is - At night, since I am watching TV anyway, I will exercise during the commercials for 2 hrs. I will alternate between arms and legs. I will do this at least 3 days a week.
My reward will be to buy a much needed new pair of sneakers.

Wish me luck!


  1. That is a packed schedule, and it sounds like it enables you to get a lot done. Good Luck with your continued work!!

  2. Glad that your schedule is working for you. I wish you tons of luck with your exercise.