Faithful, Fit & Fabulous - Week 4!

Week 4, I am half way there. This has been very good for me. I am getting things done around the house and getting healthy at the same time.

Last week my goal was to work out during the commercials for 2 hrs. 3 days a week. Well 2 hrs was too long. So I am doing it for 1 hr for 3 days a week. But I have been doing it! So that's good. I have always been pretty good at taking care of myself.

For week 4 (I don't know if this is allowed) I am going to stay on this chapter.
My goal for this week is to STOP SNACKING! Or only have one snack a day. What happens is I have a healthy snack but then when I give my daycare kids their snack I eat with them too. So I need to stop doing this.
So - I will stop eating snack with the kids, I will have something to drink instead, like tea.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good lucK! I'm doing the same thing. I've started dieting (eating healthfully) and have lost some weight already, but now need to exercise. Tea is good, Sally x

    1. Sally!!! Oh my gosh! I didn't know you still visited my blog.
      So good to hear from you.

  2. My biggest problem is snacking too, but I've found over the past few weeks that if I have fresh fruit in the house, I will gravitate towards that instead of chips or crackers. My one problem still is chocolate. I feel that I need to have just a little bit once a day, and that is a problem!! I will just have to do better.

  3. The evil snack monster is always lurking trying to get us to eat more and more....
    I too have this problem and am trying to do better. I have found a good snack(small) fiber one brownie that is yummy and has fiber in it, only 6 bites it you bite small. I am trying to make this my snack for the day and stay away from Little debbies and Hostess and others.

    GOOD LUCK to you my friend
    Paula O(

  4. I am usually pretty good about snacking but there are a lot of snack food that I just really like. The trick is - not to buy them in the first place!


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