Hailey's Comments - Kristy Tate (e-book giveaway!)

3 Stars
From some secrets, just like from some men, there’s no escape. 
No one knows that sassy but shy Emma Clements is the voice of her grandmother’s advice column, Hailey’s Comments, until handsome Ryan Everett discovers the truth. To avoid his teasing questions and his you-can’t-fool-me remarks, Emma and her ugly dog Wyeth flee to sparsely populated Lister Island in the Puget Sound, where Emma intends to devote the summer to her painting and art.

On Lister Island, Emma encounters a pistol packing priest, a pair of greedy organic food farmers, an octogenarian jail keeper and Ryan Everett. Soon, Emma is much more concerned about her heart than her art. After a series of disturbing coincidences, Emma suspects that the life of Helen Dunsmuir, Lister Island’s recently deceased grande dame, is tied to her own. As she unravels the secrets of Helen’s life—and untimely death—Emma learns that problems are rarely solved with a quip or platitude, and that it’s better to love than to comment. 

... I’m an adult blessed with an abundance of love. I love my Heavenly Father and His son, my husband and family, my dog, my friends, my neighbors, my writing group, the birds outside my window.
Because I’m a writer, I also love my characters. I adore their pluck, courage and mettle. I admire the way they face and overcome hardships. But, as in any romance, I sometimes I get angry with them and think that they are too stupid to live. At those times, I have to remind myself that they live only in my imagination, unless I share. Writing for me is all about sharing--giving back to the world that has so generously shared with me-- because I learned a long time ago that the world is full of life and death dramas. Sometimes we need a story to help us escape.
And we need as much love as we can find. That’s why I write romance.
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The second half far outweighs the first! This book started out slow and confusing for me. About half way through it started getting real good. So I rated the beginning a 2 and the ending a 4 (ave. 3 stars). It seemed like pieces were missing for me, like the author expected you to already know things, and I am not real good at that. I like things spelled out. It also took me a while to really get to know the characters, but once I did I loved them!
Like I said the second half of the book is almost a different story altogether. Once she gets to the cabin on the island it gets real good. I love the island setting and I really started to love Hailey. Some of the men were kind of creepy, but they were suppose to be. The author kept you guessing who you could trust and who you couldn't. There are lots of twists in this story. She sure does keep you on edge.

I thought the ending was good. She wrapped everything up pretty good.
Here's a cute quote -
"I also had several previous messages from Gram. Other people had seventy-year-old grams who don't know the words blogs, spam, or internet. Elderly, sensible Grams joined knitting groups, and book clubs. Maybe the more adventurous played golf, and flirted with caddies. My Gram, more at home in an on-line chat room that in a bowling ally or craft boutique, e-mailed me regularly."  - way to go Grams!
All in all this averages out to be a pretty good  mystery/suspense/romance (LOL well that's what I would call it). I would say that even tho I didn't like the beginning, the last half of the book is worth reading it! 
This is a clean book, I can't remember any swearing, and no sex. There are a few Bible references but I wouldn't call it a christian fiction.

Thank you to the author, Kristy Tate for sending me this e-book to read and review!
 I will also be reading and reviewing "The Rhyme's Library" by this same author next month.

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  1. I love that quote from the book! This does sound like a fun read, thanks for a chance to win :)

  2. I am glad that you ended up liking this one after a bit of a troublesome start. It's weird when a book seems to shift gears right in the middle, isn't it?

  3. What a cast of characters!! I would love to read this!!!!

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