My Journey As a Combat Medic by Patrick Thibeault (E-book giveaway!)

3 Stars!

My Journey as a Combat Medic is a no-holds-barred look at the modern medic in the US Army, allowing us a glimpse at the training as a soldier and as a specialist, as well as deployment and front line duties and the impact of service on civilian life, including an honest look at PTSD, from the author’s own personal experience. Rather than a technical manual, My Journey as a Combat Medic is a detailed first hand account, concluding with a letter to new medics, providing a career’s worth of advice and knowledge as they begin their journeys. 


Patrick Thibeault grew up as an Army brat. He lived in the United States, Germany and graduated from high school in Seoul, South Korea. 
 He joined the U.S. Army to become a paratrooper medic. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion / 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). Patrick deployed to Operation Desert Storm and Shield back in 1990. 
During his time in the 160th, Patrick had the chance to grow as a medic, a soldier and as a man. He deployed to locations both in the United States and many different overseas locations.
Patrick then started college to become a registered nurse and continued to serve in the military on a part time basic in the Army National Guard. He served with Indiana and Kentucky Army National Guard. 
During his time in the National Guard, Patrick deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom and non-combat operations in South America.
This book was not quite as good for me as I was hoping. It was interesting in parts, and I did learn some things. But I guess it was really just not a good fit for me.
The author of this book seemed like a really great guy. I would definitely want him on my side! He walked you through a lot of the training needed for being a combat medic. I got a little confused with the timeline, it went back and forth a little. So once I figured that out, I was good.
I did like that he seemed to treat all people who cam his way equally, they were all patients to him not good guys or bad guys! I really like to hear this. That's the way I was hoping it would be! This book kind of humanizes the army and the Iraqi war., But it still was a little too technical for me.
Some good quotes -
"KFC was open in Kuwait City, and we were going to get some of the colonel's finest chicken that day. I loved the idea of eating some fried chicken instead of those boggy bland rations, but KFC was expensive! I guess nothing in Kuwait City was cheap; it is an oil rich country. Typically KFC chicken tastes the same regardless of where you are in the world, with its secret herbs and spices, but not here. The chicken had the taste of the burning oil wells. I ate it and it left me with a sour stomach. It was still worth it."
"Sadly, most local national amputees in Afghanistan are wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives, because the medical care to provide an artificial limb  does not exist. They do  not have veteran's hospitals like those in the United Stated. I imagine that life in Afghanistan with a missing foot can be pretty tough; it is tough with all four working extremities."
 At the end he talks about his PSTD and how he deals with it and I loved the poems he wrote between the chapters!

All-in-all - not a bad book! It just wasn't really for me. I am sure that someone who has family in the service or has known anyone who was in one of our wars will really like this book!

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  1. This sounds like something I would like. I always like true stories of a hero's walk in his everyday life, and I am sure that this book would give me a lot of food for thought. Thanks for the honest and wonderful review today.

  2. Thanks for taking part in the tour!

  3. This definitely sounds like something I would want to read consider that I am deployed right now as I write this!


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