A Man for Annalee (Bullets and Boots series) - Vonnie Davis

4 stars!

When men fight over the feisty new arrival in town, who will win the battle of testosterone? Annalee Gallagher loses her parents, home and business in the Great Fire of Chicago. When she travels to Cicero Creek in the Wyoming Territory to start a new life, more heartache awaits her, so do the attentions of several men—for good and for evil. Why was her stagecoach attacked and was the shot that zinged over her head one night, a wild bullet or a bad aim? Boone Hartwell, the marshal of Cicero Creek, suspects someone is out to kill the new spitfire in town. She amuses him and touches a lonely part of his soul, but can he keep her safe? More importantly, can a white man raised as Cheyenne win her heart? Can he rise above all her other suitors? For one thing is for certain in his determined mind: He’s the man for Annalee.

Vonnie Davis traded the tailored clothes of a technical writer for the feathered boa of a romance author when she retired. She spends her days writing romance--historical, contemporary, and romantic suspense novels. Her heroines are strong women who take life's adversities and turn them into advantages.
Her debut novel, STORM'S INTERLUDE, won the HOLT Medallion Award of Merit in two categories: Best Book by a Virginia Author and Best Mainstream/Single Title and was nominated as Book of the Year for 2011 at Long and Short Reviews.
Vonnie has been a member of RWA since 2010 and is now a PRO member. She also belongs to VA Romance Writers and From The Heart Romance Writers.
She lives in Southern Virginia with her author husband, Calvin Davis, and one spoiled tabby cat. She also writes workshops on the craft of writing, mentors other writers and blogs on several sites. Six fantastic, talented kids get to call her "Grandma"--and light up her world in so many ways.

This is just the kind of book I  like to read. I loved the setting for this story, the old west, the stage coaches, the small towns and ranches. I had no trouble putting myself right there. The descriptions were very vivid.
This story started out with a bang... literally! The bang of a gun on a stage coach. It was at that point that I fell in love with the feisty Annalee! She was a "take no crap" kind of gal and I lover her for it. I didn't feel it was overdone or too much at all. I felt her character was perfect, a heroine in a way. I love strong female characters in books, one that you can look up to and Annalee was just that.
"A rider came into view. Before she could duck back inside, he raised his rifle and fired, shooting off her new traveling bonnet.
Heart racing, Annalee plopped back into her seat. "He shot off my hat!" Her voice rippled with astonishment and fury. Her trembling hands touched her scalp, and she prayed she'd feel hair. She breathed a sigh a relief when her gloved hands showed no blood."
"Annalee narrowed her eyes at the  man with a lofty opinion of himself. "Clarence Stoner, I'll not stand for your disrespecting my new friend. He's been here working since daybreak. And if you've a fondness for that arm of yours, you better remove it before I break it off and beat you over the head with it."  ~haha she's got spunk!
All in all this was a great, clean, fun historical romance! I see no reason for younger readers not to read it. I don't remember any swearing and there is no graphic sex of any kind. 
This was a fun and quick read. I am really looking forward to reading more from this author!
This is the first book I have read by her but it won't be the last I am sure.

I have also had contact with the author, Vonnie a couple times through email and she is really a very nice woman! Please leave a comment for her!

Thank you so much "Still Moments Publishing" for sending me this ebook to read and review!

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  1. Wendy, thank you for taking the time to read and review my novella, A MAN FOR ANNALEE. It's raining here in south-central Virginia, but your kind words regarding my story are like a welcome ray of sunshine. I am humbled. Thank you.

  2. I agree, Wendy. Vonnie is a sweetheart, and her other titles are well worth reading. Congrats, V. Sounds like you have another winner.

  3. This does sound like a nice story to relax with and I just love the cover.

  4. Sounds like my favorite type of combination--feisty heroines and western historicals. Best of luck on sales of your latest title, Vonnie

  5. I do like the sound of this, and have been looking for some lighter fare. It bodes well for me that you enjoyed it and that it was a fun read. Nice job with your enthusiastic review!

  6. For a moment there I thought to myself, "I wrote a book?" But then I remember that Vonnie is my nickname and no, I didn't write a book, lol.

  7. I like this kind of book too, thanks for sharing your comments. always enjoy stopping by and seeing what you have read.
    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)