Faithful, Fit & Fabulous - Week 5!

This is my 5th week of the "Faithful, Fit &Fabulous back to basics 8 week program.
My goal last week was to simply - Stop snacking!
The problem was that I watch kids after school and when I serve them snack I would also eat with them (even though I had already had a snack earlier). so basically I was double snacking!
I have done great this week. Pretty much no snacking. I do have good will-power. My reward for the week was to buy a yummy set of tea (for snacking on instead) but I have not done this yet.


My new goal for this week is Organization!
We have a spare room which used to be our daughters room. It is now a storage room but really a "catch-all" room which I hate! It bugs me to no end. I hate clutter and that room is about as cluttered as it can get. I really really want to get it organized. So this week i will start the organizing. Just each day I will do a little at a time. I will choose a section and work on that. I will not kill myself working, maybe just an hour a day. If I get even part of the room done this week I will be very happy.

My reward will be... hmmm well much of that room is my craft stuff so maybe after I get is organized I will buy some new scrapbooking stuff or new knitting stuff.  Or maybe I can find some organizing stuff, like little drawers etc.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck with the organization! I know our home needs to be more organized...I'll do it tomorrow...