Fun Friday - Valentine style!

I will probably not have a Fun Friday next week (the day after V. day) There is no school Fri. - Tues., so I will have no kids for my before and after school program. I am going away for the long weekend. I am going to PA to see the hubby. He is in a new apt. now so I will help him get settled and make everything all pretty! I was really sad that the company moved him out of Lewisburg because I loved it there so much but now I am kind of excited to explore a new place. I found out there are quite a few bookstores, a Panera Bread (which is one of my favorite places), a Starbucks! a real nice christian bookstore with a cafe' and a Kohls! So I think I will be happy visiting him there.

So next week I will post up until Thurs. but then nothing till probably Tues.

Love is in the air...


  1. That's good! I hope you get to enjoy your time with your hubby and have a great time exploring around the new place.

    Panera Bread is also one of my favorites and I'm so glad that there's a few around here.

  2. Ooo, lots of cute covers!!

    Have fun in PA! Hope you like the area as much as Lewisburg.