Just Like Jesus Devotional - Max Lucado

5 stars!

God wants to give you a heart just like Jesus.
Jesus felt no guilt; God wants you to feel no guilt.
Jesus had no bad habits; God wants to do away with yours.
Jesus had no fears; God wants the same for you.
Jesus had no anxiety about death; you needn't either.
God's desire, his plan, his ultimate goal is to make you into the image of Christ.
This is your invitation to spend thirty intimate days with the Savior learning how to become more like Jesus. Can you think of a better offer?
With more than 100 million products in print, Max Lucado is one of America's favorite writers. He serves the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, where he lives with his wife, Denalyn, and a sweet but misbehaving mutt, Andy.
 Let me start by saying that Max Lucado is one of my all time favorite writers! Counting this one I own 14 of his books and have read them all!
If you want an inspirational book that really gets to the heart of it. One that is so powerful that it grips your heart and brings you to tears and you don't even know why - Max Lucado is your man!
This is a real nice 30 day book. It doesn't matter how you do it. They are not dated, only labeled day 1, day 2 etc. so you can do it every day for 30 days or once a week for 30 weeks. I only did the first couple but I fully intend on doing the whole book later in the year.

The first day is - God loves you the way you are but he refuses to leave you that way. I love this story he told about his daughter when she was young. She was playing in the sandbox and had a mouth full of sand -
"Did I love her with dirt in her mouth? Absolutely. Was she any less my daughter with dirt in her mouth? Of course not. Was I going to allow her to keep the dirt in her mouth? No way! I loved her the way she was, but refused to leave her there. I carried her over to the fountain and washed out her mouth. why? Because I love her."
"God does the same thing for us. He holds us over the fountain. 'Spit out the dirt, honey,' our Father urges 'I have something better for you.'"
After each short "story" there are Thinking questions - "When are you tempted to have dirt in place of delicacy?"
Then Hearing - which is Bible verses.
Then Reflecting - again questions like - "According to the passage, What does being like Jesus mean?"
And last Speaking - A prayer.

It is all very simple and quick to do, but oh so effective! If you want a nice little devotional that will really hit the nail on the head this book is perfect for you! I think this would be a great book to do together with an older child or grandchild. Or you can do it alone.
I highly recommend this book as I do all of Max Lucado's books!

Thank you so much Thomas Nelson Publishing for sending me this book to read and review!

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  1. I must get this. I have quite a few of his books as well as a Bible study one. I love his books too!