"Know me better"

This is a weekly Meme by Inspired Kathy @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. Each week she picks 5 questions from her authors' interview lists and has us answer them :).

I can't live without...
OK I've thought about this and as much as it embarrasses me,  I would have to say my cell phone! It is really my life line to so many people! My parents live way far away from me, so it is nice to text back and forth. I am texting with Mom right now as we speak! And even though my daughter only lives 20 min. away we text all day long. One of my BFs (At Random) lives in southern PA and we text every day! I really think texting has brought me closer to so many people!

Do you make your bed each morning?

Ha! Nooooo.No one sees my bedroom, why should i waste my time making my bed when i am just going to mess it up again in 12 hours? I do throw the covers up just incase spiders decide to fall!!!!

My mother, however, makes her bed everyday! It is probably gonna kill her to read that I don't!

City or Country?

Country! I am just funny about other people always watching me! I live right in town now and I hate it! I feel like people are watching me check my mail, watching me shovel snow, watching me garden, ugh drives me crazy! I used to live in the country where there was no one for miles. I could check my mail in my underwear and no one would know!

Most embarrassing moment?

Seriously? You are asking that question? If it was so embarrassing the first time I am certainly not going to relive it now and I am even more certainly not going to tell anyone about it!

What do you think of book trailers?

Yes! I love them! It really gives you a visual of what the book is going to be about. There have actually been a couple of books I read just because of the trailer!


  1. Yes I do make my bed everyday. It just makes the room look neat and picked up even though its not. What people do in their own home is their business. I could care in the least, I don't have to live there.
    I have to agree with the cell phone even though I could live without it, it is nice to have. All my friends either call me on it or text me on it.
    I would like to know your most embarrassing moment......teehee
    I would not want to live in the center of a city either but I don't want to live so far out that if I yelled no one would hear me yell for help if needed. I like the suburbs. Close enough but far enough away too.

    1. Well also your bedroom is right there where everyone can peek in. If mine was like that I might make it more presentable too.

      I feel like you and I are even closer thanks to texting!

  2. Replies
    1. I am finding, I don't know too many people who do make it! Shocker!

  3. I'm with you on some of these...I definitely don't make the bed but I do throw them up some days. But yeah, no one ever goes into the bedroom so what's the point. I never thought of spiders so thanks for that...no I'm going to have to check my bed every night haha

    I always feel like people are watching me too! I like the privacy of the country but I like being close to everything too.

    And of course I'm addicted to my cell phone

    1. Hahahaha I read it wrong at first and thought it said - "I throw up on them" instead of "throw them up" haha! big difference!

      And yeah I have a serious phobia of spiders so i am always thinking and checking for spiders, never can be too careful!

    2. Bahahahaha, no I don't throw up on my blankets.

      And I really can't blame you for your spider phobia, you have some scary mofo's up there.

    3. LOL well thats good!

      and, I know! It is because of all the lakes. Spiders like water!

    4. I still remember the spiders trying to attack us when we stayed up there O_o

  4. I love your answer to the most embarrassing moment LOL

    I chose the city but I do love walking around my house in my underwear, I even leave my house in my PJ's so being able to go out and get my mail in my underwear is certainly a bonus in living in the country...maybe I need to re-evaluate my answer LOL

    My KMB post.

    1. LOL!!! yeah think about it... you could even check the mail naked! If you wanted to!

  5. Oh yeah...cell phones. It's funny how when I don't have my cell phone on me, I feel like I'm lost and I'm constantly worried about it.

    I wouldn't make my bed either if no one came by to see it, but no...I must.

    Love your answer for city or country question. If I didn't have anyone around for miles, I too will be walking around half naked outside (and indoors). That's of course if it's hot.

    1. Yeah its funny, I can't even have my cell across the room from me! I carry it where ever I go.

  6. Oh my goodness, we could be related with those answers. Haha! I agree with everything. I'm out in the 'country' in Alabama and while I couldn't get the mail in my underwear, I like knowing not many people are watching. I'm considering a move to Seattle. I'll be so screwed! Haha.

  7. Ha, I never make my bed either although my mom does too. I don't see the point especially as I have a dog who loves to mess it up as well. I love to text but alas most of my friends don't and it irritates me immensely.