The Sky Beneath My Feet - Lisa Samson

3 Stars

Beth’s absolutely sure her husband is a man of faith, but she's beginning to suspect he may also be certifiably crazy.
Since Rick became the Men's Pastor at The Community, he's lost touch with Beth and their two teenage sons. As a result, she's begun to regret all that she gave up to be with him. Her one hope on the horizon is Rick's month-long vacation. Maybe then they can re-kindle their relationship. If that doesn't work, she's afraid of what she might do.
Then Rick receives a job offer from a church out of state. Beth speculates that a change of venue will change nothing—just double down on their dysfunction. Plus, now that the prospect of leaving her comfortable (though discontented) life has materialized, she's afraid to leave the familiar.
Rick's reaction to the job offer throws Beth's life into disarray: he retreats like a hermit to the shed in the back yard, fasting and praying, isolating himself from the outside world, waiting for a sign from God.
With her husband holed up in the backyard, Beth escapes to a Florida beach house, where she comes face-to-face with a hurricane. Rick’s long-awaited sign comes at last—and its meaning will resonate with readers long after the last page.


The Christy-award winning author of Christianity Today’s Novel of the Year Quaker Summer,Lisa Samson has been hailed by Publishers Weekly as one of the “most powerful voices in Christian fiction." She lives in Kentucky with her husband and three kids.

This book was just okay for me. It definitely wasn't bad - it started out real slow and it felt like the climax wasn't ever going to get there. Then finally around the middle of the book it did pick up some, but not really enough for me to be able to give it more than 3 stars.

The character development was ok. I liked Beth but never really loved her. I did feel sorry for her having to put up her husband's craziness and selfishness. The husband, the one who spends a month living in the shed in the back yard, I did not like him! Honestly I had to give Beth credit for putting up with him as well as she did. A marriage is a joint effort, a team, a union. There is no I in marriage... ok so there is an I, but there shouldn't be! Since when does the husband just decide that he is going to pull away from the family and live in the shed for a month? He didn't talk it over with his wife, he didn't ask her opinion, he didn't talk to the kids, he just left! If it was me I would be furious with him!

This book had so many mini plots branching out here and there, I felt like I was reading about an octopus. And the problem was that I didn't even really like the main plot. What I liked were the mini plots.
I liked the brother Greg and where the book went with him, my favorite part was with the "half-way house" I loved Mother Zacchaeus who ran the place and loved Sam, the drug addict who stayed there. I could have read a whole book about just this scenario.

Also, there was a big deal made about a month long vacation (which the husband spent in the shed) and a cottage on the beach in FL that Beth could have gone to. The whole book I kept waiting for her to pack it up and go! What the heck was she waiting for? I would have left as soon as the hubby shut the shed door! I think I would have enjoyed the book more if it took place on the beach in FL.

And... I am sorry - but as a huge Steelers fan - the part about the characters all being Raven's fans was a big turnoff! LOL

Here is a cute quote from the book -
"Fine, then get him some black Nike Airs."
"Yeah, black, he'll like those."
He'd better. As I check out, I can't help reflecting that at this price, the Nike Airs better be made by seasoned Italian craftsman who get long lunch breaks in a workshop somewhere in Tuscany.
"Would you like to look at some socks?" the salesman asked.
"What, the socks are extra?"
A long pause. He clearly doesn't get the joke.
All in all this was a pretty good book once you get past the long, nothing happening beginning. I was shocked to see all the great reviews for this book. There were a lot of 4 & 5 stars. And no one else thought it was slow, LOL. So that just shows than not everybody loves the same books.
This was a very clean (of course drugs are mentioned, a lot) no sex, no swearing.

Don't take my word for it, try this book for yourself. You will probably like it better than me because I am obviously the minority!

Thank you Thomas Nelson Publishing, aka "Book Sneeze" for sending me this book to read and review!


  1. This book had so many mini plots branching out here and there, I felt like I was reading about an octopus.

    And... I am sorry - but as a huge Steelers fan - the part about the characters all being Raven's fans was a big turnoff! LOL

    Lol to both of these ^^^

  2. I missed this one; onto the TBR it goes. Generally I like Lisa Samson's books.