A Taste of Chocolate, by Vonnie Davis

4 Stars!

Hope Morningstar has the worst luck with men. One boyfriend wrote her a “Dear John” letter while serving overseas. Her latest romantic interest broke up with her in a text. When a traffic detour puts her in an unfamiliar neighborhood, she stops at Freya’s Coffee Shop where she gets more than directions. She gets another chance at finding love.
Declan Fleming, scarred by a cheating ex-wife, has given up searching for love. He’s taken the route of a few other men and engaged the services of Freya, the matchmaker. Still, he’s been waiting for a year and he’s just about given up hope. Then Freya sends him Hope.
When feelings of insecurity and trust issues come into play, can finding love stand a chance? Can the magical influence of this matchmaker create a happy ending? After all, finding that one special love often involves a bit of special magic, does it not?

 Vonnie attended Penn State University and Wilson College where she majored in both Business Administration and English. Like most writers, she started penning stories in her pre-teen years with the dream of becoming an author. Then life got in the way--marriage, wonderful children, job, college as a grandma and, after twelve years of being alone, a new love. She is now retired, having traded the tailored clothes of a techincal writer for the feathered boa of a romance author. She lives in Lynchburg, VA, with her husband Calvin, a man she met online. Ah, now there's a romantic story.
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Super cute Novella! I really liked this one! Nice original idea, really cute storyline, a touch of magic and... duh coffee! Any book that centers around a cafe' or coffee shop instantly wins my heart. Vonnie does a great job making this 31 page novella feel like a full length book. You really don't feel like there is anything missing. All the characters are fully developed, and it has a beginning and a definite end.
I really liked the main character Hope, she was sweet and I felt sorry for her. I didn't like the male character, Declan, at first. He actually told her not to be so bossy on the first date! After that, there would not have been a second for me. And I really loved the mysterious Freya, the coffe shop owner and matchmaker. She can pull a cookie out of her sleeve for me any day. LOL
I loved that this story had a touch of magic! I almost squealed with delight! Now I want more.
Here is a word of advise from the story -
'Freya leaned toward her, coffee cup in hand. "Do you really feel you're not attractive to men? Because if you do, I can't help you. Men..." She waved the delicate cup in Hope's direction. "The good ones, are rarely attracted to insecure women. They enjoy a bit of sass and a lot of confidence." She took a sip of coffee. "Only weak men seek out insecure women." Her cup clinked into the saucer while her narrowed eyes regarded Hope.' 
All in all this is a "sort of cleanish" story, nothing graphic but a few suggestive parts. I don't remember any swearing. I would say it would be ok for teens.
So if you want a cute, quick, romance with a taste of magic - this is the one for you!

Thank you "Still Moments Publishing" for sending me this cute novella to read and review!

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  1. I am actually starting to discover that I like novellas, and that they make for tasty little reads between longer ones. This sounds like my cup of tea, so I will be looking for it!

    1. Yes, that is exactly what I like them for. Kind of like cleansing your pallet before the next big read!
      I think you would like this one Heather!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my short story. Like you and Heather, I'm discovering their value. Crafting them involves a different skill set, and I wasn't sure this wordy old soul could get a handle on those skills since I normally write longer pieces. However, learning a new skill at any age puts more power in our tank. You've made my day with your well-thought-out review. Again, thank you.

  3. Sounds like a cute story! Just curious, is this written by the same Vonnie that comments on here sometimes?

    1. LOL no it is not, I think she would like to be a writer though!