Delicious Vegetarian Main Dishes - Jennifer S. Larson (Author), Brie Cohen (Photographer)

3 stars

Ready to whip up some vegetarian dishes as good for your mouth as they are for your body? You can be the chef with these easy-to-follow recipes such as baked potato pile up, lemony couscous, crispy tofu sticks, and tasty tortilla towers. You'll find simple drawings of important steps as well as photographs of the finished dishes. This book also provides key information, such as an equipment list, a technique list, safety tips, notes on special ingredients, and more. What are you waiting for? It's time to get cooking! 
Jennifer Larson has written many nonfiction books for young readers. She is an avid home cook and developed and tested all the recipes for the You're the Chef series with the help of her two children. 
This was an OK little recipe book. But I must emphasize "little", there are only 9 recipes on 36 pages. The recipes they do have seem really good though. It is in full color with pictures on every page! The directions are great, very easy to follow.
Here are a couple of recipes -
Eggstra Tasty Bake (butter, bread, broccoli, water, cheese, eggs, milk, salt & pepper) looks yummy!
Tortilla Tower (its like a Quesadilla)
Rolled-up lasagna (yum!)
Who needs meat? Sloppy Joes (this one I might try sometime)
My real opinion... it is just not worth the money that they are asking. I thought this would be at least twice as big as it is. And if I didn't get it for free from netgalley - I would not have bought it. Sorry but this one was a disappointment (only because of the size!).

I got this e-book from netgalley to read and review.

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  1. I like the cooking with your kids thing, but the fact that it was only 9 pages of recipes would bother me. I am not going to pay full price for a cookbook with 9 recipes in it. That's just nuts!