Feb. Wrap-up

I think I read a lot of really great books in Feb.!
Here are all the books I read and reviewed -

My favorite reads of the month -
Firefly Island!!! Far and away the best.
then - Secrets over Sweet Tea
Beautiful Creatures
The Dead and the Gone

My favorite covers -
Secrets Over Sweet Tea
The Sky Beneath my Feet

My Library books this month were -
Beautiful Creatures
The Dead and the Gone

The only book off my shelf was from my nook -

I don't have too many "review books" to do for the month of March so maybe I will get to read more books off my shelf and some fun books.


  1. Oh,my you did get a lot read. I loved Creature Features. It was the book I needed, right at the moment that I needed it.

  2. Enjoy your March reading, reviews do take up some time but I have met some wonderful new authors doing them. thanks for sharing all your books, interesting group. I look forward to reading "Firefly Island".
    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)