Fun Friday!

Firefly Island - Nancy L
Secrets Over Sweet Tea -  Beverly

Congrats to both the winners - you will be receiving your books soon!


What happens when two bloggers get bored -
This is a true texting conversation between Jen and I one morning -

Me - Sorry, the hubby just left and I am always in a daze when he is here, sometimes on purpose.
Jen -  So you two didn't kill each other? Thats good.
Me -No, I was about to, but I controlled myself.
Jen - That's probably a good thing. You wouldn't be able to text me from jail ;)
Me - Ohhh yeah didn't think about that!
Jen - And you'd probably have to eat gross looking/tasting meat globs.
Me - Eeeewww! That is true.
Jen - But I could send you knotting needles so you could shank your way out of there!!!
Jen - **knitting
Me - I don't think they would let me have knitting needles (or knotting needles either! LOL)
Jen - Bahaha
Jen - Well I'd send them in a cake of course!
Me - Ohhh - tears rolling down face from laughing!
Jen - Just wrap Fondant around them and disguise them as a knitting cake. Add a ball of yarn on the top. No probs.
Me - Ahh you are so smart!
Jen - :-P
Jen - Boredom tends to get the creative juices flowing.
Me - Oh my gosh! Another conversation no one else should read! Kol ;-)
Jen - Kol <= tehehehe
Me - LOL, not Kol, unless I meant knitting out loud!
Jen - hhmmm, how would you KOL? Unless you say - stitch stitch stitch stitch as you go
Me - Hahahaha sometimes you do! To keep your place in the pattern. Knit, purl, knit, yarn over, knit 2, etc. It can get confusing unless you say it out loud.
Jen - LOL, I mean kol.


  1. LMAO too!!!!!!


  2. nice cup!!!

  3. Life's lighter moments- sometimes it does you good not to simply get on with the dusting! thanks for sharing!