April Wrap-up!

I finished 11 books this month!

My favorite read of the month -
"Eyes Wide Open" by Ted Dekker!!!

The second place books are -
"Paradise Guest House"
"On the Island"
"Wednesday Night Witches"

My favorite covers are -
"On the Island"
"Wishing on Willows"

From my book shelf -
"Wednesday Night Witches" 
"On the Island"

From my nook bookshelf -
"Eyes Wide Open"  

And, gasp! I did not have a library book this month!
I will work harder at that next month.


  1. Whoa. You go girl. Downright impressive.

  2. Wendy, how do you do it? I want to read as much as you. Do you read fast or simply have the time? Maybe both?

    I posted my wrap-up if you have the chance to check it out: My Wrap-up

    1. I really do read all the time!
      I watch kids before and after school and they are older kids so I can read while they play. I read for a while during the day between house chores. I read while eating, read while watching TV, even read while cooking!

    2. I used to be like that but my mind has been all over the place and everyone wants my attention.