Fabulous Fun Friday!


The winner of the B&N $15.00 gift card - Linda K. (confirmed and mailed).
Here were her answers to my questions -
1. Favorite and least fav. genres -
favorites: medical/legal thrillers, mysteries, women's fiction, Christian fiction, chick lit
least favorites: erotica, paranormal, fantasy, historical fiction

2. Hardcover or Paperback -
hardcover...easier for me to hold...bad hands

3. E-reader? If so what kind and how ofter do you use it?
I have a couple kindles because I was given two and won one. They pretty much are full of freebie books but I have so many real books that I don't get around to my kindles often. Occasionally I pick them up and they are great for trips or if you get stuck being in the hospital.



  1. Congrats!

    I love the dog eared comic best. So cute!

  2. That last cartoon reminds me so much of my husband and our cat Bill. He does that all the time. Too funny!!

  3. The last one made me laugh so hard. My two Chihuahuas do that to me (they act like cats sometimes).

  4. I love cat. And that is exactly what my kitten do when I was reading.


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