Fun Friday!

Wow, that week just flew by!
I guess its true - time flies when you are having fun.

I just got home from vacation last night. I had a great time.
I got together with some girlfriends for lunch. Got together with a friend of the hubby's and girlfriend for dinner, we had a great time. We always end up laughing so hard we all end up in tears! 

For Easter the hubby and I went to the early service at church (8:00 at a Christian Missionary Alliance church) the service was very good. This was a church we had found on the internet and hubby has been a couple times. I used to go to a CMA church and loved it. So if ever he is off on a Sunday morning he tries to go.

Then we drove around for a bit. for dinner we drove down to Lewisburg (where he used to stay) and went to dinner at "The Country Cupboard" They had a HUGE Easter buffet! Everything was very good, we had no complaints and were stuffed!

I went shopping a couple day, one day the mall, one day just local shops. And one day I drove down to Lewisburg and spent the day walking around - went to the farmers market, the natural food store, B&N (for latte), and a few little shops. I had a great time.

It did rain a little but was pretty nice most of the time and one day it even got up to 60! He has a real nice deck off the back of his apt. and on that day I sat out there with a glass of wine!

I read about 4 - 5 books while I was down there, so I have a lot of reviews to catch up on! Today I will be cleaning house and... writing reviews.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Wait...you were there for about a week and you read 4-5 books?! -___- I barely got one book done.

    1. Yes I seriously read - 5 books! I was a reading maniac!