Looking for La La - Ellie Campbell (Review & E-book Giveaway!)

4 Stars

Looking for La La follows the story of Cathy, a bored, unappreciated housewife and mother of two.  Her world of school runs, ferrying children here and there, and the occasional nights out with friends is radically transformed by the arrival of a love postcard to her husband.  What follows next takes Cathy on a wild ride of suspicion, temptations, marital breakdown and some very dangerous territory.

Ellie Campbell is a pseudonym for sisters, Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell. The two youngest of four girls, the 'wee ones' as they were called were raised in Scotland until as teens their parents moved the family down to Sussex. From high school, they went straight to working in London, armed with marginal secretarial skills and dedicated themselves to exploring the party scene when not taking off a year or two to travel the world.

Pam now lives in Surrey with her husband and three children where she divides her time between writing, family, her allotment, a part-time job and chasing down her writing partner and big sister, Lorraine. After leaving her publishing job for a life of adventure, Lorraine spent many happy years jaunting around South and Central America, Polynesia, India etc, lived for three years in France and then sailed the Caribbean as the world's worst charter cook. She finally settled in Colorado with a husband, three horses and a dog. 

This book was fun British Chick-Lit at its best. I keep saying that I do not like British books, but keep finding books that me a liar! This story is total Mayhem (a state of rowdy disorder) from beginning to end, and totally fun! This book has a great little mystery to it, and to be honest - I was very much surprised at the end.

Great character development. I didn't even really like the main character but I wanted to keep reading just to find out what more trouble she and her friends could possibly get themselves into. Lets just say that almost no one ends up with the same person they started out with in the beginning. 

A few fun quotes -
"Mummy, who's the card from?' He shares Declan's coloring, the gingery hair, blue eyes and pale but cheeky face.  'La La, darling. Apparently a tellytubby's sending love letters to Daddy."

"Alec? Not Baldwin?' she jokes. 'Meg Ryan's long-suffering husband?
No drip. Meg Ryan married Denis Quaid until she ran off with Russell Crowe before he ditched her for Nicole Kidman, when Tom Ditched her. This is way before Nicole married rock star Keith, I might add. Alec Baldwin's wife is, or rather was, Kim Basinger. They're divorced now. Fought over Ireland.'
'Cathlic/Protestant dilemma?'
"No, their daughter, Ireland."

"Men,' Gabby sighs. 'Spend all their time trying to turn you into their mothers, wanting clothes ironed, meals cooked, but then they despise you because you remind them of their mothers."
 Thank you author - Lorraine Campbell for sending me an ebook copy of this to read and review! It was great fun.


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  1. Count me in! This looks good. I loved the quotes and the cover cracks me up.

  2. I have this one, and can't wait to read it! I love the thought that this was actually inspired by a true story, and think I will have a lot of fun with it. Excellent review today!


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