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This Week’s Questions

What is your favorite flavor of jelly beans?
I like the white ones, pink ones and purple ones, but mainly the white ones. What are they? Vanilla? I don't think they have a flavor - sugar flavor? maybe.
And of course - I hate the black ones, blah!

What size shoe do you wear?
8 to a 8.5 depends on the shoe

What is your favorite cereal?
Hmmm I like cereal!
My favorite "good for you" cereal is - Special K with berries!

My favorite "not so good for you" cereal is - Reese's Puffs cereal! Yum!

Have you ever cut your own hair?
Just my bangs
Otherwise it would look like this -

Do you sing in the shower?
Absolutely not! I am a terrible singer so I don't even sing in the shower.
I do however pray in the shower! The shower is a great place to pray!

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  1. love jelly beans.
    1) white one favorite
    2) 8 to 9 depends on style
    3) shredded wheat
    4) frosted shredded wheat
    5) just the bangs
    6) nope, only sing in the car

  2. LOL! Love the singing photo!

  3. Singing in the car -- that's something I'm doing, too. Special K is a good cereal choice, although I don't eat anything with dry fruits in it. And I never heard of praying in the shower, but if it works for you! Know Me Better

  4. Ha! Fun.

    I hate jelly beans.
    I'm an 8.5-9.
    Favorite cereal is Grape Nuts.
    Have I cut my hair? Yes. Thankfully it's curly so it has hidden my mistakes. Except for that one time right before the 5th grade dance where the scissors slipped and I had a minor bald spot.

  5. I love the pictures you added for your answers. Mine is just plain and simple since I have to get ready in a few minutes for a show tonight.

  6. These pictures are great, especially the Psycho one.


  7. Ooo yeah anything Reese's is good for me :)
    Ha that psycho pic is great.

  8. I love Jelly Belly - popcorn flavor best
    I have cut my own hair and it even looked good
    I wear a size 8 1/2 wide shoe
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

    1. You know a lot of people like the popcorn flavored. I don't care for them, I do like real popcorn tho!

  9. I'm not a big fan of black jellybeans either, same goes for black licorice. I kind of like the soap flavored ones from Jelly Belly.. heh

  10. -Mmmm, black jelly beans!!! EW the popcorn ones are nasty!
    -I'm 7.5-9 depending on the shoe
    -I love honey nut cheerios
    -I cut my hair a lot...getting it even is another story all together
    -I do sometimes sing in the shower but not often. I am a car singer though :)


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