Wednesday Night Witches - Lee Nichols

4 Stars!

On the outs with her live-in boyfriend, Eve Crenshaw flees Manhattan for a different kind of island life off the coast of Maine. With the help of her college roommate, Natasha, and her friend Kim, she rents a seaside cottage and waits for her boyfriend to beg her to return.
Instead, he gets a new girlfriend.
Now Eve's stuck on an island with no cable TV, no Starbucks and no eligible men. Desperate for diversion, the women meet every week for drinks, dubbing themselves the Wednesday Night Witches.
One stormy evening, the Witches raid Kim's cellar and find a strange bottle of liqueur. Getting into the spirit, they each make a wish, lift their glasses and…well, no one can quite recall what happens next.
But suddenly their wishes start coming true!
Only, as life gets better and better for the Wednesday Night Witches, everything else on the island starts going to hell.…

Lee Nichols is the author of five novels for adults, including the bestselling TALES OF A DRAMA QUEEN and HAND-ME-DOWN. She currently writes the HAUNTING EMMA series for young adults. www.LeeNicholsBooks.com

This is the kind of quirky fun witch book I just love!  My daughter and I have just started watching the "Charmed" TV series (we just finished season one) and this book reminds me a lot of that series. It also reminds me a little of "Practical Magic".
This story is fun, romantic, sexual (but too graphic, even for me!), and not too dark - well maybe a little, at the end, LOL. But all in all it was just great fun.

The character development was great. I loved all three girls! I am not even sure which one was my favorite. I loved how the friendships developed and strengthened throughout the book. I love how they stuck together and helped each other. They were there for each other. This book was about friendship as much as anything else.

And - it takes place on an island off the coast of Maine! How much better can you get? Witches, friends, and Maine - perfect setting for a perfect book.

This book was so funny in spots I was laughing so hard right out loud I had tears running down my face.
Here are a few fun quotes -
"Gregory winced when he saw me.
'I told you,' I said.
'What happened to your hair?'
'The subway.'
'You rode with your head out the window like a dog?"

"Something was nagging at her. The lack of a kitchen? The lack of a boyfriend? The lack of clean laundry? The lack of success? There was a lot of lacking."

"I'd fallen for his boyish charm and confidence, without realizing they were bundled with boyish immaturity and selfishness. He was like a quad eyeshadow compact with only two good colors" -love that one! 

 This book is an older book - 2007
You can still get it from Amazon - HERE
and from B&N marketplace - HERE


  1. Sounds like my type of book too ; )

    OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charmed. I was addicted once.

    I keep wishing Hulu would get the rights so I could rewatch the entire series again.


    Great review.

  2. This sounds like an excellent read, and those quotes had me giggling :) I would love to read this one, even if it's older and harder to find. Nice review today. I could tell you were excited about it!