Fun Friday!

Catch a Falling Star - Amanda Ray
Dance the Moon Down - Anastacia

Fun Friday Favorites - Fashion edition

These are my favorites -
Shoes - Flip flops & Birkinstocks
Winter top - hoodies
Summer top - tanks and tees
Winter bottoms - jeans
Summer bottoms - capris
To bed - t-shirt & lounge pants
Way to wear hair - wash and put in "leave in conditioner" scrunch it and go, or a ponytail (even shorter I can still get it in one)
Jewelry - earrings, I don't really care that much for necklaces - they always feel like they are choking me - I do like pearls though.

What are you wearing right now - Army green capris, light aqua shirt and barefoot, hair in a ponytail
Suppose to be HOT today!

What is the oldest that you still wear-
pair of jeans - 18 yrs old
t-shirt - 15 yrs old
shoes - Birks - about 15 yrs, and clogs - about 10 yrs

I am not a "fashion plate" I have never been into the latest fads or the newest styles. I literally wear what I like and what is comfortable. Another thing I do (and the daughter always makes fun of me for) - when I really like something, I buy one in every color!

Like I said I am kind of a hippie - so its bell bottom jeans, t-shirt, and Birks for me!


  1. favorites -
    Shoes - Flip flops in summer and boots in winter
    Winter top - sweater
    Summer top - tanks and tees
    Winter bottoms - jeans
    Summer bottoms - capris
    To bed - t-shirts
    Way to wear hair -lots of product..not wash n wear!
    Jewelry - earrings, necklace and watch

    wearing right now - white capris, purple top, flip flops and sterling silver earring with a purple drop crystal
    Suppose to be HOT today here too (88*)!

    oldest that you still wear-
    15 yrs - sweater
    sandals - 12 yrs.

    love the jeans picture...but I think I have you beat. I remember wearing a pair of those Birkis when i was there for a visit, the one on the right.


  2. We're very similar. I heart flip flops, thermals, jeans, and jean capris.

  3. Ooh bell bottom jeans. Id love to try those out, but because i am so thin i tend to have an issue with jeans being too short and then the effect is lost. Im not into recent trends either. I love dressing up but i am a vintage girl at heart and ill only buy something modern if its really simple or basic, or has vintage undertones lol

  4. Lol is that how you wear your sandals all the time?

    Btw, I tend to buy different colors of the same shirt too :)

    favorites -
    Shoes - Flip flops (I prefer to be bare foot though).
    Winter top - long sleeve blouse
    Summer top - tanks and breathable shirts
    Winter bottoms - jeans
    Summer bottoms - shorts
    To bed - t-shirts and shorts
    Way to wear hair - in a pony tail. I suck at doing my hair.
    Jewelry - I don't really remember to wear it but if I do it's earrings

    wearing right now - I'm getting ready for bed so I am wearing an old college t-shirt and red shorts. It's also pretty hot over here in Cali.

    oldest that you still wear-
    I have heels that I bought for my prom about 10 years ago that I still wear when I go out.
    The oldest clothes would have to be some of pjs. I have a t-shirt that has holes in the armpits but I refuse to throw it away. I tell my mom that it's my a.c.


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