"Journey of Promise" (and "All That Was Promised") - Vickie Hall

3 Stars

ABOUT THE BOOK - (this is actually the 2nd book)
When converts Richard and Leah Kenyon leave Wales and heed the call to Zion, they are unprepared for the toll exacted by the journey. To face the incredible odds mounted against them they call upon the Lord’s tender mercies to see them through and strengthen their love for one another. Their story will remind you where to turn during your trials.

Vickie is a native of Utah, but growing up, lived in the states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Nebraska. When she’s not writing, she’s composing music, or shopping with her sister. She loves animals of all kinds and camping with her family. Her favorite pastime is watching old movies on TCM, and unashamedly has a crush on Cary Grant.

I always find it interesting to read about different religions, especially when they are historical. Not being of the Mormon faith myself I did find this book to be informative. This was not the first book I have read about the start of the Mormon's, but I do think this was the first one I have read that took place in Wales, so I found that to be interesting as well.

3 Stars

ABOUT THE BOOK - (this is the first book)
In 1847 Wales Methodist Minister Richard Kenyon converts to Mormonism. Richard’s new-found faith is put to the test when he faces the anger of his former congregation, his wife’s indecisiveness, his brother’s betrayal, and the murderous intentions of misinformed villagers.

The only problem I had with these two books is that they were really too slow for me. While there were some interesting facts there was also lots of lag.

There were some good descriptions. This is from "All That Was Promised" -
"The Kenyon's small stone cottage sat nestled on a small plot of land surrounded by a stacked stone fence built some two centuries earlier. The thickly thatched roof of the little home was in need of replacement, but it was an expense that would have to wait another season."
And I liked this quote from "Journey of Promise" -
"He treats me as if I were a child. He's always wagging that fat finger of his in my facve and telling me my action's reflect on him."
"He's right,' Beth said, peering up beneath her drawn brows. "In a way, people judge him through you. It doesn't look well for a minister to have a wayward child."

 All-in-all I didn't enjoy these as much as I would have liked and I didn't get into the characters as much. There was pretty good character development - I just didn't really like any of them. I didn't feel like I could really bond with them.
If you are interested in the Mormon faith (Latter Day Saints) then this might be a good series to start with, but not the best I have read.

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