Pas De Death - (Dani Spevak Mystery #3) - Amanda Brice

4 Stars !

pas de deux (NOUN: pl. pas de deux)
1. A dance for two, especially a dance in ballet consisting of an entrée and adagio, a variation for each dancer, and a coda.
2. A close relationship between two people or things, as during an activity.

pas de death (NOUN: yeah ... totally made up)
1. A dance of death.
2. When Dani Spevak stumbles over a dead body and gets into another crazy situation.

Aspiring ballerina Dani Spevak is back home for the summer, recovering from an injury. What was supposed to be a simple day trip into New York City to visit her friends at the Manhattan Ballet Conservatory turns deadly when Dani discovers that the world of professional ballet can be cutthroat – literally. 

Another great book in this series! This one was fun for me to read because my friend Jen won a contest or auction or something and got to be a character in this book who gets killed - fun fun! Well you certainly don't want to see your friends get killed in real life - but in a book - its OK!

Full of young, fun, quirky and outgoing characters, this book was very easy to get into. This whole series was very quick and easy to read. Nice books for a younger teen, like I said before I think I only saw one swear word in this one too, and no sex (just one kiss).

Here are a couple cute quotes -
"Why did I always resort to verbal vomit whenever I was nervous? Made me sound like a whiny, neurotic person with a possible side order of crazy"

"Really? I thought Canadians were suppose to be nice."
Craig smirked. "I think they generally reserve their enthusiasm for Tim Horton's coffee and hockey. The arts don't exactly fit into their hierarchy." - My hubby and I love Tim Horton's! There are 2 of them near where we live but they are originally from Canada.
I found out that there will be a forth book coming out in 2014. I do hope to be reading and reviewing that one as well.

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  1. thanks for your comments today on my blog, I had not read her before either and was thrilled to find I loved the story and the characters...I plan to look for more of her work, hope you get chance to read.
    Paula O(

  2. loved the comment about Jen. glad she is not really dead!
    like your nail color!

  3. This sounds like a series for me. I havent read a mystery in ages and i love ballet in books.

  4. You know, I realized that my new laptop groups emails together so I have 9 of yours that somehow got lost and I never saw *gasp*

    Anywho, YAY for me being murdered....wait, that sounds bad.

    1. Well if you have to be murdered, doing it in a book is definitely the way to go.


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