Shattered Rose - T L Gray (Review & Giveaway!)

 4.5 Stars!

Set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, nineteen-year-old Avery Nichols embarks on a journey of love, loss and recognition that perfection is often an illusion. She gives all she has to the one man who cannot love her back, but still refuses let her go. Now another fights to give her everything she doesn’t believe she deserves.
It is the beginning of her sophomore year at Winsor University, and Avery is determined that nothing will stop her momentum, not even the internal battle she has fought for four years.  Forced to live on campus because of her alumni scholarship, Avery is thrilled when she is placed in the coveted University Apartments and is swept away by her roommate’s cousin, Jake, whose charm and charisma touches every part of her soul and shatters every piece of her heart. Broken and lost, Avery meets Parker, a man who not only offers her hope, but also teaches her to love in ways she never thought possible.
Jake is complicated and damaged, fighting to find his way after the loss of his mother, and despite his every attempt to stop it, Avery gets behind his defenses and forces him to feel once again. He doesn’t want to love her, but can’t let her go.  Parker is genuine, honest, and falls for Avery the moment he sees her. He wants nothing more than to love her, if she would only let him.

T.L. Gray is a freelance writer who also serves as the pastor’s wife at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Ennis, Texas. It was her desire to see young girls know and experience Christ’s unconditional love that led her to write her debut novel, Shattered Rose. She strongly believes that sometimes the greatest stories are told from the heart of those who have lived them. T.L. Gray is currently working on Shackled Lily, Book 2 in the Winsor Series which is set for release in July 2013.

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This is a very beautifully written story. But also a very strong emotionally charged book! This book is about conflict and struggle, making the right decisions, knowing and admitting you have a problem and when to ask to help and support. I felt like this book was taken right off a college campus. It felt very real to me. This book has it all - love and obsession, eating disorders, drinking problems, and family dysfunction. Someone else called this a romance book and I would not call it romance at all! I would call it a love story with lots of emotional conflict.

This story has excellent character development! The characters never faltered from their personalities. It was all very true and genuine, as sad as they were. The only thing that really bothered me was that Avery, the main character was kind of a pin cushion. She let others walk all over her and could never say no. I can't even count the number of times she said "Ok, fine" UGH! but... that was her personality! That was part of her problem. It just bugged me because I love strong female characters and she was not one. It also bothered  me that Issy, her room mate and new BF totally used her, I don't even know if she meant to. Again, that was her personality. And the guys... well I didn't fall for Jake for one second. I thought he was a jerk right from day one. He got no sympathy from me. Parker on the other hand was a real sweetheart, I adored him!

And then, there's the end! I won't tell you the details but Avery finally gets a grip on her life, makes some decisions, becomes a stronger person - and finds God! Incredible. It ended just the way I would want it to.

Here are some quotes -
"I peeked down at my purse and saw the small Bible Parker's mom had given me before we left. Her sweet voice assured me that reading it could solve all of life's mysteries. She also promised me that if I ever needed direction in my life, it would surely guide me. I smiled at the gesture. No one had ever given me a Bible before."

"When I looked in the mirror I could only see the flaws and somehow throwing up would make me feel better about it, and then worse again, creating this vicious cycle."

"Avery... I need to explain why Christ is so important to me. You see, He is the one who has shown me how to love because He loves us even though we constantly mess up. It's important you understand this Avery, because I know that I can only offer you a small glimpse into the unconditional love that Christ has for you."
 Yes, the book does have a Christian message to it, more towards the end, but it is not "preachy" at all! Although it does talk about sex before marriage (should you or shouldn't you), underage drinking, and eating disorders, it is still a very clean book! There is nothing graphic in any of the scenes and there is no swearing. I would say that would be good for an older teen to read, maybe even an important book for them to read!

I would like to thank the author - Tammy L Gray for sending me this book to read and review! What a pleasure it was. I can't wait to read the next book in this wonderful heartfelt series - "Shackled Lily".

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  1. Thanks so much for the giveaway!! I really enjoyed your review and learning about the author! I love emotional stories because they tend to just speak straight to your heart for sure! By reading your review it sounds like the character really come a long way and I love when a book has great character development. I don't like when you read a 400= book and at the end you are like...nothing has changed about them!!

    Thanks again! I look forward to reading Shattered Rose!!!

  2. Sounds look a very good book.

    Katie J.

  3. I enjoyed your review! Thanks for a chance to win this interesting book!

  4. This looks so great! Thanks for sharing with us! I adore that cover as well.
    Books like this make me wonder whether the author had any influence from friends and family while writing it.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  5. Thanks for sharing this one, have not read this author, she sounds like a wonderful woman and from Tx too...I have family there.
    I like the sound of this story and would like to read and review.
    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)

  6. thanks for the chance to read this novel

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  7. I love the setting of the Blue Ridge Mountains for this book. It sounds like a really good read. Thanks for having this giveaway.