The Life is Too Short Collection - Connie Sokol

4 Stars!

Are you looking for a fabulous life boost today? The Life is Too Short series is just what you need. Written by Connie Sokol—mother of seven, author, speaker, and amazing matching sock finder—these humorous self-development columns give you just the right amount of fun and functional. Originally written for a major newspaper and magazines, you can now enjoy the entire collection in one book. Put your feet up and laugh as you relate to time-tested tips on being a woman, wife, and mother. You’ll learn the cozy stuff of how to adjust expectations, have faith in your dreams, and lighten up in motherhood. And, you’ll learn a few life skills such as easy spring cleaning, simplifying the holidays, and creating successful goals. It’s the perfect gift for any woman! Short, funny, insightful, these quick power columns are ideal anytime, anywhere, to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Connie Sokol is a mother of seven, a national and local presenter, and a regular speaker at Education Week. She is a monthly contributor on KSL TV “Studio 5,” and regular blogger for KSL “Motherhood Matters.” She is a former TV and radio host for Bonneville Communications, and columnist for Deseret News and Utah Valley Magazine. Mrs. Sokol is the author of several books including the award-nominated romance Caribbean Crossroads, the 8-week Challenge program of Faithful, Fit & Fabulous, Life is Too Short for One Hair Color Series, as well as talk CDs and podcasts. Mrs. Sokol marinates in time spent with her family and eating decadent treats.

This is a cute, nice, handy little book that has an anecdote for just about everything. There are funny little tips for... well for everyday life. Life is gonna throw you some curve balls and this little book might just help you handle those. At the very least it will give you a smile and make you say "Yep, been there, done that!".

Here a few titles of the chapters -
Take the loneliness out of being alone
Dreams come true - Even if inconventiently
 Feel the fear... and baby step
A tale of two genders
He needs/She needs
Life is like a leaky faucet
Got joy? A mother of nine found some
Learn to speak your child's love language

This is from the "Living a Beautiful Life" chapter -
"Purchase special just-for-you indulgences and slowly enjoy them as such. Instead of scarfing down half a bog of Oreos, I buy handcrafted lemon cookies, so rich you can only eat one or two at a time, savored best at night right after a bath!"
And this from the ""Feel the Fear... and Baby Step" chapter -
"Next time you face a project that strikes fear in your heart, focus on what's in front of you. Make a short list of lame-o things like "sit in a comfy chair for five minutes with pen and paper." The rest will come because the mental paralysis is lifted by already accomplishing your goal."
I like this author. She writes nice, easy and attainable ideas. I really think my own daughter (24yrs.) would highly benefit from these books.
If you just need some fresh ideas, a little encouragement - this book as well as almost any book by this author, would be great for you!

Thank you Kathy from "Book Blasts and Blog Tours" for sending me this e-book to read and review. Its a keeper!

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