Birthdays of a Princess - Helga Zeiner

Absolutely 5 Stars!!!!!

To be famous and be admired by total strangers can be very dangerous.
Her little girl has always been her princess. In fact, she was so lovely, Melissa entered her toddler into child beauty pageants, making her a star from an early age. But her dreams and hopes are shattered one October morning, when Melissa watches a breaking news story on television. A young girl has been filmed by bystanders, committing a brutal assault in broad daylight in a downtown Vancouver Starbucks…and it looks like the girl is her daughter.
From this moment on, a story unfolds, so shocking, that it will hold you captive and you will find yourself reading faster and faster into the night.

Born and educated in Germany, Helga left her home country when she was 18 to travel the world and experience the magic of life she was passionately reading about.
She spent the next 15 years in exotic places like India, Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong, where she worked her way up into excellent managerial positions in large international companies. To achieve this she had to further her education and enrolled at night classes at the 'Chinese University of Hong Kong' for her Diploma in Management Studies.
Love eluded her for many years. She was nearly 40 when she finally met her dream man and settled in Canada, where she now lives, neatly tucked away in the wilderness. She has previously written several suspense novels which have been published in Germany.
Her first novel written and published in English is called. ‘Section 132”. A thrilling fact-based page-turner about a young girl forced into a polygamous marriage that has received countless 5-star reviews.
Birthdays of a Princess’ is her second novel and will be published in June 2013.

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Wow! Shockingly good!
It is very hard to describe a book like this as being exceptionally good. When reading books like these, words that come to mind are usually - horrifying, terrible, sad, painful, and I can think of a dozen others. This story is all of those, but it was written so well, even as the horrific details unfold I could not put it down! I know that horrible things like this do happen to young girls but in my little world - I like to not think of such things. This book opens it all up.
This is going to be one of my favorite books of the year.

The chapters take turns with the Point-of-view, so every other chapter or so you are hearing right from the heart of Tiara. And boy does this girl get into your heart. I don't know if I have ever felt so much for a character before. What happens to her was so horrible, and I do know that this is fiction, but honestly it brings tears to my eyes just writing this review.
The character development was so good you surprisingly also fall in love with the detective who is investigating her case and also her psychiatrist. All the character's personalities are developed so well.

This book was good right from page one. It absolutely had me hooked. And I loved the ending! In a word - Amazing!
I had never read anything by this author before, had not even heard of her. Now I am doing research and scrambling to find more books by her. If this one was that good her others must be at least as good. I very highly recommend this book, it is very suspenseful and gripping.

Thank you so much "Partners in Crime Virtual book tours" for sending me this amazing e-book to read and review!

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  1. WOW!!! What an amazing review! Great job! Thank you for your insight. So glad you enjoyed this title!

  2. I also have to say WOW - to this review. As an author, it is such a wonderful experience to see one's work praised so highly. I want to thank you, dear reviewer, to introduce and recommend my novel to your followers. Your work helps us authors tremendously and I am very, very grateful to you.
    Helga Zeiner

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
      Keep writing amazing books!

  3. Nice comments!
    great review!

  4. Wonderful review, Wendy! I just bought my copy!!

  5. Great review and has piqued by curiousity.
    Will purchase a copy and write my review!!


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