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Hampton Weekends

Easy Menus For Casual Entertaining

By - Ellen Wright

 3 Stars
HAMPTON WEEKENDS is majestically laid-out with gorgeous photographs of Wright’s delicious dishes, Hampton’s picturesque landscapes and landmarks combined with recipes appropriate for the season which inspire and cultivate a farm to table flair.  In four sections dedicated to the seasons of the year, there are timeless menus compiled from Wright’s personal collection with family, treasured friends and her own culinary experiences all with the 'Wright stamp' which is to entertain with ease and style.
 Ellen Wright is a well-known cook, artist, interior designer, and hostess. She worked extensively as an assistant to James Beard, and has two other books to her credit: AROUND THE TABLE: Easy Menus for Cozy Entertaining at Home (Harvard Common Press), and BIG SKY COOKING (Artisan).
Tom Eckerle (photographer) has beena professional photographer for over 25 years. He has worked on more than 40 books, including Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill and Recipes1-2-3.
I didn't give this book only 3 stars because I didn't like it, it was only because it was not really "my type" of book. There was really only a few recipes in this book that I personally would ever cook. Although some of them sounded good and I might order them at a restaurant. 
There were lots of beautiful pictures, but not of all the recipes - a lot of pictures of the Hamptons. Which was OK with me, that is kind of what I expected. I would have to say - my favorite part about the book was the pictures.

 I think the recipes in this book were a little too fancy for my tastes. I don't throw big dinner parties (or small ones either). I did love all the pictures of the Hampton's. It was a beautiful book, but not something I personally would buy. I do know some people would LOVE this book! This is a perfect book for someone who entertains.

Thank you Net Galley for sending me this e-book for review.
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  1. Beautiful picture!

  2. Is that a quiche? Looks lovely. :) I bet the pictures rock.