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Soup Night

Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup

by: Maggie Stuckey
5 Stars!!!!!

Soup nights are popping up all around the United States as a stress-free way to bring neighbors together. The host provides two or three pots of soup, and the guests bring their own dishes and silverware, and perhaps a salad or some bread. Neighbors get to know each other by name, people of all ages connect and socialize, and the neighborhood becomes friendlier and safer. In Soup Night, Maggie Stuckey offers a practical guide to starting your own soup night group, along with 99 delicious soup recipes and 40 recipes for accompaniments.

I've lived in Portland, Oregon, one of the country's most beautiful cities, for nigh on 30 years. But I was born and raised in South Carolina, and it was there that I learned about gardening. Learned it, in fact, at my grandmother's big old house in the country, in the huge vegetable garden that fed the whole family all summer long and most of the winter too. It was here that I first incorporated the idea that gardening is about growing good things to eat, and sharing that bounty with others. Even though I now live in a condominium with a patio about the size of a handkerchief, and do all my gardening in containers, I still believe that garden = food. That's probably why most of my gardening books have a cooking component. One of the nicest compliments I ever received was from an Amazon customer who noted in her review of "The Complete Spice book" that "you can tell Maggie Stuckey is both a gardener and a cook."

FABULOUS!  You all know I hate to cook but love a great soup cookbook. This is a great soup cookbook! This is kind of a combination cookbook actually. There are lots of soups, but also different bread and salads and dressings. My kind of dinner! The pictures are gorgeous. The recipes are straight forward and look simple enough. I can't wait to start making some.
You know... I hate to spend a lot of money on books, I am always looking for a sale. But a good cookbook is definitely worth the money. This is a book that you will use over and over.

Here are some of the soups and breads listed -
Creamy cauliflower soup (YUUUUUM!)
Red beans and rice soup
Sweet corn chowder
Salmon chowder (which I have been looking for!)
Pumpkin chicken chowder
Ice storm stone soup
Onion bacon rolls
Pumpkin seed flat bread
Cheddar drop biscuits
Asian noodle salad

Is your mouth watering yet? Well take a look at these pictures -

And here is the Creamy Cauliflower soup and the recipe, just to tempt you!

You wanna run right out and buy this now, don't you? You know you do! This is a wonderful soup etc. cookbook! I love it and I know I will be using many of the recipes. I very highly recommend this!

Thank you Netgalley and Storey Publishing for sending me this e-book for review!

Pre-order yours from Amazon - HERE
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  1. O yum yum yum
    I adore soups.
    I'm for some reason, really gifted at tasting soups, broths, mashes, etc. and knowing what it needs.
    Sounds like a great book.

  2. All of these soups sound scrumptious!
    Love homemade soups.