Oops! My bad!

Well I had a post all made up for today's Non-fiction Saturday. Then - had an OMG! moment and realized I was not suppose to post the review until a later date! So had to delete it and will post it again later.

I don't know how everyone else does it - but I actually have 3 different places where I keep track of my reviews to be posted.

This is calendar #1 where I actually make a list of all the books and write the name on the day it is suppose to be posted.
Then I also have been using my ipad calendar
And finally I use folders in my email acct. which I label May, June, July etc. and put the email concerning the book review right in the folder.

So one would think with 3 places telling me when each review is due, there would be no mistake.... hmmm.  I guess you could call this human error.


  1. Well you filled that in nicely without the Review you had planned, we all get turned around at times, I know I do...
    I keep a notebook with books I am getting and from whom and read ones needing done first then check them off. I don't think I do as much as you do though. I love to read and keep signing up when I see ones offering a free book if you will support their new books for review...I am doing new one with Mona Hodgson now...just wish I were more tech savvy to make them better.
    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)

  2. You're very organized. I just use my wall calendar to keep track of my reviews.


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