Water Water all Around - Beth A Smith

3 Stars

Water Water All Around is a series of adventures by a lone senior woman kayaker. Each of the nine European countries that sport waterways across their surface from sea to sea is incorporated here as individual challanges. Very little is left out of the daily entries so that the kayaker or the cyclist or the walker can easily follow the dialog or the maps at the chapter heads to find their way across the chosen country. But this is not a travel guide. It is true adventure fraught with difficulties apart from actual paddling and not excluding equipment failure. It is about endurance and dogged determination - about fear, frustration and fatigue, and about wrong turns and wrong decisions. It's all here candidly presented and mixed with a glimpse of the countryside.

The author, born and raised in California, still makes her home near the water of San Francisco Bay.
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I love books like these. When I saw that this book was up for review - a book about a woman kayaker paddling across the Europe, I jumped at the chance!
This book was both very interesting and slow at the same time. I loved the maps at the beginning of each chapter. I kept flipping back to see where she would be on the map. I thought this was a great idea to include this. I loved reading all about her adventures that began each new day, and there were many. I couldn't believe how much trouble she ran into. I certainly don't think I could have done what she did. I give her huge "props" being a woman, alone, and not too young either, in foreign countries. I love canoeing and would love to travel by canoe, but not alone!
Unfortunately it was also very slow and repetitive in spots, which made for very slow reading. It took me forever to finish this book. It was worth reading! Its just not a book that you can devour in a couple days.

So I would say that if you are willing to read slowly, take your time and enjoy it for what it is, maybe read it at the same time as reading other books (which is what I did), then this is definitely a worth while read.

Thank you "Virtualbookworm Blog Tours" for sending me this book to read for my honest review.

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