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Winner!!! -
"The Rockin Chair" - Oh my gosh! Britney got her entry in just the day before the deadline and won with her bonus entry for commenting!! Woot!

Home libraries - part 2

Not for lots of book, but still looks cool.
Ha! Thats all I have to say about that!
My daughter would love this, very original.
Just something about this looks nice to me.
Very good use of space!
Oooooooo I like this one!
I don't get it. Or maybe I just don't like it.
 And finally - a bookshelf made out of books... if you pull one do they all fall down?

TBC, maybe  :-)


  1. The arch and brick hallway are my favs.

  2. There are some interesting bookshelves out there isn't there? Lol. I like the one that looks like a tree and a flower and I like the ones that go up along the stairs. The only problem I would see is that people would be pawing them all the time and I wouldn't like that at all.

    1. I don't know why but I just love looking at home libraries and bookshelves!

      And yes I agree, don't mess with my books!

  3. It's interesting to see the different kinds of bookshelves there are. People can get so creative.

    The bookshelf made out of books is cute, but I'm thinking just like you: does it fall down if one is taken? I guess you'll have to use books that you know for sure you're not going to be reading anytime soon.

    1. Unless of course you glued it together... but then you would really need to be sure to use old books you didn't want anymore!


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