Its Non-fiction Saturday X2

Today you get two non-fiction book reviews (I am playing catch-up after vacation!).

Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch

Lisa LeConte

4 Stars!

Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch is now serving 2 books in one. One side is full of fun and ├╝ber cute hot lunch ideas, tips, and recipes. The flip side serves up fun cold lunch ideas with more tips and recipes. Your family and friends will crown you Royal Lady of Lunches after enjoying your new-found creative foodie genius.

I love to design, and I love to eat. And now that I have 2 young kids in school, and need to prepare food on a daily basis, my love of design and food met.
My not-so-dark past…
Back before the dawn of time, I received my BFA in design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. I worked in publishing for 15 years for Shape Magazine, Shape Cooks Magazine, Living Fit, and Woman’s Day, to name a few.
Visit her website - My Cute Cuisine - HERE

This is a great, fun book!
This is one of those book that are two-in-one, you read half way through then close it and flip it over for the other half. This is a small paperback book but does have a lot of great ideas. There are shopping lists, patterns, recipes, and lots of pictures!

Here are a couple of the ideas I loved -
Here the ladybug is a cherry tomato!
 The eggs are beans and the bird - cheese.
 And this is my favorite! Love these adorable bunny slipper sandwiches! AWWWW!

All the ideas (recipes) are very simple to do with just a knife or cookie cutters and of course an imagination.
This book would be great for anyone with kids, anyone who watches kids, or just anyone who wants to have some fun! I can totally see this coming in handy for a baby shower!
I run a daycare and I would love to use some of these ideas.

Thank you Virtual Bookworm for sending me this book to read and review!

Get your copy from Amazon - HERE
Or from B&N - HERE


  1. These are sooo cute! I'm going to try to make those bread slippers.