Secrets - Aris Whittier

4 Stars!

A woman with a secret...
Ashley Dawson, a best-selling mystery author, has a gift--she can communicate with spirits. She likes to keep that gift to herself because telling her secret to others would cause trouble. However, her life profoundly changes when she is urged and guided, by a persistent spirit, to the house of Nathaniel Marshall--a man who doesn't believe Ashley's bizarre accusations and makes no attempt to hide it.

A man with a hidden past...
Nathaniel, a high-powered architect, has vowed to never talk about his past and where he came from or the death of his beloved wife. That was all behind him. What mattered was his ability to build the family business and give back to the parents who adopted him. He didn't have the time or the gumption to listen to Ashley--that is until she provides him with evidence that proves her claims are very true.

Dark, hidden secrets revealed...
Ashley wants to bring Nathaniel peace and understanding and help him heal--and she knows she can do it if he'd just believe her. Nathaniel isn't interested in finding peace--he doesn't believe he deserves it. But when he discovers Ashley is being stalked and women throughout the city, with her name, are being murdered one by one his cold front instantly turns to fierce protection. He will do anything to protect her.

Aris Whittier broke into the romance genre when her debut novel, Fatal Embrace, cracked the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine, featured as a "Red-Hot" Read. She hasn’t stopped writing since. Secrets, is her latest romantic suspense. 
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She had me at ghost! Anything with a ghost in it has my vote. While this story was not the 5 stars that "Across Eternity" was, it was still a good, fun, suspenseful story.

Great descriptions and great character development. I loved Ashley (of course, that's my daughters name so I am partial to it). She was a good strong female character but still being sweet and not over baring. I did not however like Nathaniel. I never did like him all through the book. I know he had issues, skeletons in the closet from his past etc. but I still just couldn't make myself like him.
One of my favorite parts in the book was Voodoo, the ghost cat! Ha! I love it. I have never read a story with a ghost cat. And of course Ashley can see him and talk to him.

Here's a couple good quotes -
"My dear friend gives me a beautiful miniature rose every year for Christmas, and it promptly dies two to three weeks after I place it on my windowsill."
"And yet she still gives you one each year?" he asked curiously.
"Sadly, yes. It has now become a game - to see how long I can keep it alive."

"Nathaniel found it strange that she didn't sound like some wild, thoughtless, lunatic. But then again, how did he know what a wild, thoughtless, lunatic even sounded like? Perhaps all he was dealing with was an inept woman who was nothing more than senseless. Most women he knew fit that bill."  ~ Now you see why I didn't like him? Need I say more?

This story had a great ending! I would give the ending a 5 stars! The only reason for the 4 stars was because the bickering back and forth got kinda long. Other than that I though it was a great read with a nice mystery and lots of suspense. I can't wait to read "Fatal Embrace".
* There is some swearing and a few steamy sex scenes.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it Wendy. I'm partial to ghostie stories too.

  2. Thank you for reviewing my book! What a great surprise to wake up to (and a great review!).

    Secretly, I wish I had a Voodoo running around my house...wouldn’t that be fun! ;o)

    1. Yrs! I would love a ghost cat!
      Now i can"t wait to read Fatal Embrace! Someday!


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