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 The Hedgerow Cookbook - 
100 Delicious Recipes for Wild Food - 
Wild at Heart
5 Stars!!!!!

A guide to gathering edible plants in the wild and using them creatively in many different recipes—jams, jellies, relishes, baking, fruit cordials and liqueurs, and more.
Seasonal, local and wild foods—they're free, fun, and very tasty! Harvesting produce from the hedgerows, meadows, and woods rather than just visiting the supermarket is rewarding and economical. The joy of turning nature's bounty into delicious produce to enjoy with the family or to use to make a lovely gift is being rediscovered in kitchens of today. This book demonstrates how easy it is to use one's "harvest" in lots of different ways. Those who are fed up with just making jam can try fruit leather, cheese, rose petal syrup, or a wickedly alcoholic drink instead. The book covers flowers and hips (elderflowers, dandelions, and roses); berries (blackberries, elderberries, bilberries, wild raspberries, wild strawberries, rowan berries, and berry mixtures); fruit with stones (wild plums and damsons, sloes, wild cherries); fruit with pips (crab apples, quinces, medlars); nuts (hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts); and leaves (wild garlic, sorrel, nettles, samphire, dandelions, and other saladings). This very practical book covers 100 recipes, both sweet and savory, as well as tips on gathering, seasonal guidance and the law, and common sense. Includes dual measures.


Wild at Heart is a small business set up by Ginny Knox and Caro Willson to make a range of award-winning jellies, relishes, and fruit cheeses based on traditional recipes and using wild, native, or ancient fruits.

GREAT book! I was already into hedgerow cooking and I have a couple other cookbooks, but this one is probably the best so far.
If you are not already a well seasoned "hedgerow cook" this book teaches you what you can find and use right in your own back yard (or your neighbors yard). If you live in a big city, then of course you will have to do some traveling to do your picking.
We have a lot of property so this is great for me. On my land we have - blackcaps, thimble berries (brambles), 2 kinds of cherries, pears, apples, wild roses, wild onion, wild grapes (remember when I made wild grape jelly!) and a mulberry tree! Along with, of course, all the wildflowers and bushes. So we basically have a whole grocery store of wild food!

This book has great pictures, which of course is a must for any cookbook! It also has a wide range of recipes with easy to follow instructions.
Here is an example of some of the recipes -
Dandelion flower wine
Elderflower custard tart
Rose petal jam
Wild garlic pesto
Gorgeous bramble chutney
Blackberry and apple crumble cake (I am actually going to make this one soon.)

Here are a few pics -

This is the Blackberry and apple crumble cake, yum right?

Here is a sample recipe for you -

Thank you Netgalley for this great sending me this ebook to review!

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