The Last Summer of Ordinary Times - Deborah A Jaeger

4.5 Stars!

A typical teenager, Jillian Macomb is looking forward to her senior year in high school. Or at least she was. Having just broken up with her boyfriend, she receives the stunning and unexpected news that she’s pregnant. As if that isn’t enough, she must convince her parents and her doctor of the truth…she is still a virgin. She forms an unlikely alliance with Stephen Jacobs, her father’s protégé, when they both finally realize the child she carries is no ordinary child.

Then the miracles begin.

Amid escalating chaos surrounding the miraculous events taking place around them, Stephen and Jillian fight to protect a blessed child from those whose lust for greed and power threaten to harm the very life that promises to save them.

The Last Summer of Ordinary Times, a novel of suspense, is the story of extraordinary events surrounding the birth of a child, where ordinary people are faced with questions about what they really believe, and whether faith alone is enough when faced with the unimaginable.

I was born in Michigan and grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. Writing has always been my passion and I believe everything I have experienced in life so far has led me to this moment in time.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity in this life, to recreate ourselves as often as we like, and decide every morning which path to take. There are no limits set upon your dreams and nothing to keep you from living them. Always believe.

I currently live in Brentwood, Tennessee with my husband, Lloyd. I have four grown children and five grandchildren and two delightful mutts named Jackson and Josie. I am working on my second novel.

Wow, this book was good. I thought it was very original. It was kind of a modern take on Jesus birth from the view of Mary. What would it be like if all that happened in today's times? Would we just blindly believe that Mary was a virgin? No! Would we believe the boyfriend was innocent? No! Would we even for a second suspect that it might be from God? or a Miracle? No and No! We would want proof, it would be all over the news, the poor teenage girl would be called all kinds of names and her reputation would be ruined. But what if real miracles started happening at the same time? Well of course science would get involved and then there is the government they always have to have a hand in everything - even a virgin girls pregnancy.

The character development is great. You just love Jillian. I could not even imagine what it would have been like for young Mary, but through Jillian's eyes we kind of get a glimpse. 
Then there is Stephen - the knight in shinning armor. Her protector. Of course we love him!
It was just a tad slow in a few spots but very well done!

Thank you Librarything early reviewers for sending me this book to read and review.


  1. Just finished reading this story. A very good book and I hope the author will continue writing.