2 Books that weren't my cup of tea

2 Stars :-(

Circles can be fat or thin / There can be lot--or one / And round things can be big or small / And learning can be fun.
This innovative new picture book encourages children, through poetry and photographs, to explore the idea of what is round--from the spots on a ladybug's back to a ring on a finger or a wheel on a bike. Using words such as "dot," "spot," "loop," "hoop," and "ring," it shows that round things aren't all alike, but can be anything!

Sheryl and Simon Shapiro are the husband-and-wife team who wrote the rhyming picture books Better Together and Slither, Slide, What's Outside. They live in Toronto, Ontario.

Wow I didn't think I would ever see a children's book that I didn't like. But I just didn't care for this one. I was very disappointed. I wanted to love it. The cover is adorable, but unfortunately that is the cutest picture in the book.

I found this book to be almost too simple and very uninteresting. I also didn't really care for the pictures and with children isn't that the most important part?

Well I could be wrong, I hope I am wrong, and this book could end up being a huge hit. But it just didn't tickle my fancy, even my inner child fancy.

Thank you anyway Netgalley for this e book to read and review.


Belle Bishop, Queen of Witches, is a good witch.
Her sister Angelica? Not so much.
Belle rules her witchery kingdom using the ancient Wiccan Rede – ‘An’ it harm none, do what thy will,’ while Angelica runs amuck, casting one mischievous spell after another.
But this time, Angelica has gone too far.
It’s up to Belle and her former best friend, Atlas, the greatest wizard the earth has ever known, to save Belle’s niece, Gia, from Angelica’s magical mischief. If they don’t, Gia will end up in The Summerland just like her mother did the last time one of Angelica’s spells went awry.
Luckily, or unluckily, depending on how you look at it, Belle and Atlas have a little help from Atlas’s sons, who are every bit The Three Stooges, as well as an ornery faery named Tinker Hell and a deck of Tarot Cards waiting for someone to deal their destiny.

D. D. Scott's Bestselling Books start out a bit Chick Lit, Gone-Country (The Bootscootin' Books). Then, they take on a Will and Kate gone-Bond, as in James Bond, twist (The Cozy Cash Mysteries). Next up, try Castle and Beckett, Gone-Country, with Bewitched tossed into the mix (The Stuck with a Series). And now, think The Good Witch meets The Three Stooges and Tinker Hell (The Belle Bishop Books).

For some reason I could not get into this book! I tried a couple of times. Usually I love witchy books.
So I am not giving this one a bad review, I am just giving it a non-review. It did get some really good reviews from Amazon, so it may have just been the "time of the month" I was reading it, LOL. I do intend on trying again in the future. When I do read the book I will write a full review.

Thanks to Netgalley for sending me this ebook.


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