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Awaken to the energetic connections between you and your home. When you make conscious changes to your living space, you can transform your life and uncover your soul.
Unlike other books of its kind, Mind, Body, Home presents your home as an integral component to holistic living. From foundation to roof, this essential guide correlates every component of your house with its physical, mental, or emotional counterpart in you. Your home becomes a reflection of you, and being more in tune with your home's energy will allow you to make positive changes in your life. Open the door to the heart of your home and discover a whole new way of seeing and living within it!


Tisha Morris is a feng shui consultant, certified life coach, energy healer, and yoga instructor. She is also the author of Feng Shui Your Life (Turner Publishing, 2011) and a Red Ribbon Member of the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG). 

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I thought this book was great, but it definitely depends on what you are "into". As I was going through this book I kept thinking of my house to see where we stood.
Is your house a good fit for you? This book will teach you how to see if you have a healthy house. What does your house say about your personality? What do others think about your house? If you ever wanted to make some changes, big or small, this book will show you the best ways and places to do it.

One section was about numerology, which I have always been interested in anyway, so it was fun to read about my house and my daughter's new townhouse.
My house is a #4 house - "A fun house, known for its extroverted energy... strong triangular roof lines (exactly my house!!) expression, passion, enthusiasm, fun and optimism... great house for socializing and entertaining. I think this says it all!
The daughter has a #3 house (which fits her perfectly) - Stable, reliable, sturdy, grounded, organized, and productive. great place to start a new relationship!! provides a solid foundation on which to build.

This book also talks about room placement and furniture placement within each room.
Did you know that you should always have your toilet seat down? I am a real stickler about this anyway because my cat jumps up there and I don't want her to fall in, LOL.
Want to know what living in a small ranch says about you? Or do you live in a large Victorian like I do? Where do you spend most of your time in your house?

Do you have a collection of some kind?
"Collections are a symbolic representation of emotion. There is always a tie with the theme of the collection and some sort or repressed or unacknowledged emotions."

Have you been wanting to "clean house" get rid of a few things but don't know what to keep and what to get rid of?
"Go around to each object sitting around your house and reacquaint yourself with it and decide whether you still like it. Better yet, do you love it? We often forget or stop noticing things in our house because we see them every day."
"What to do and not to do in the bedroom for love! -
Don't have a teddy bear on your bed.
Do use luxurious and rich linens.
Don't have only one nightstand.
Do have a stand on each side of the bed that are of equal size.
Don't have one side of your bed up against the wall.
Do make the bed the focal point of the room."
I have a big old Victorian house with a huge wrap around porch. I have a big bench and a table and chairs for sitting, I also love putting a vase with flowers on the table.
"A front porch represents your social self or facade. It's how you portray yourself to others. If you have a front porch, think about what it says about you."

Get this book and check out what it says about your house or apartment.
Thank you Netgalley and Llewellyn publishing for sending me this e-book to read and review.

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  1. Ooo interesting. I want to make my new house serene. I want people to walk in and think..."ahhhh so peaceful."

    Great tips.
    I'm all about balance in the bedroom.
    Sadly, I have to wait till my toddler isn't such a monkey pants to move the bed away from the wall and add another bedside table.