Fun Friday!

Winners -
"The Reason" (5 winners) - JoAnn, Melanie, Britney, Darcy, Anita
"The Prayer Box" - Sheri 

Congrats to the winners!
Totally not having anything to do with books...
It is the start of the new TV season! YAAAY! 
I like to do a post about all the shows coming back, all the new shows and what I will be watching. 

First, lets start with football - Everyone should know by now that I am a Steelers fan!
Last night was the first game of the season. It was the Ravens and the Broncos. Now being a Steelers fan - I absolutely HATE the Ravens! And... they lost!!!! YAY!

Here are the shows I will be watching -
DWTS - (Dancing with the stars), Great cast this year! I am very excited!
Survivor - Family eddition - should be interesting
Glee - As you have probably heard by now the actor who played Finn has died :-( how terrible! So this will be a very interesting and sad start!
Castle - MMMM lol
Chicago Fire - very excited for this to start! What a dramatic show!
Revolution - YAY! To be honest I can't even remember where it left off!
Parenthood - Love, can't wait!
Elementary - Love the characters! Great show.
OUAT - (Once upon a time) - I am getting a little bored with this show, but we will see how it goes this season.
Amazing Race - One of my favorite reality shows
The Good Wife - One of my favorite shows period!
Hart of Dixie - Cute cute cute! and thats just Wade! LOL

New shows -
Sleepy Hollow - So cool! Excited to try this one.
Witches of East End??? - I saw a preview, it looked good. But it looks like it is not new?? Anyone one know anything about it? It is a Lifetime show.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Have seen a preview for this also - hmm we shall see. Could be good.

Summer shows that are ending for the season -(or for good!)
Devious Maids - Loved this show! Fun fun fun!
Mistresses - OMG! This has got to be the MOST dramatic show on TV! I think I have cried through every single show!
The Glades - WHAT???? So last show of the season - Jim gets shot just before the wedding and the show is canceled??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

A little Hart of Dixie eye candy!

What shows will you be watching this season?


  1. I just watched the preview for OUAT in Wonderland and WOW! Looks like it'll be so good! I had no idea they were making a spin off of OUAT, hope it does just as good :)

    I only watched about half of the first season of Revolution. I'm gonna have to go back and watch the rest on Netflix before it starts again.

    I'm also looking forward to watching Sleepy Hollow. Looks interesting!

    1. You will have to came back and tell me what you think of both shows!

  2. I think the only one we have in common is Hart of Dixie. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that show. So do you want her back with Wade or do you think she should pick someone new? Like the cute doc?

    1. Ya know.. I just don't know!!!! I liked her with Wade, they were fun, unexpected, and risky, but... I just don't know.
      I love Wade - he's my fav! Without her he is so sad :-(

  3. I don't really watch TV. Right now I only turn it on to watch Dexter. I am looking forward to Dracula and Sleepy Hollow. Not sure if I'll have the time to watch these shows though.

  4. Witches of East End is based on the Adult book series by Melissa de la Cruz. The books were a lot of fun so hopefully they wont screw up the show too much.