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4 Stars!

Robert Griffin III is a world-class athlete, a Heisman Trophy winner, team captain of the Washington Redskins, and NFL Rookie of the Year. Just twenty-two years old, he has begun his ascent as a game-changing NFL quarterback and living testimony of Christian faith. RG3 goes deep into the pressures of the NFL to showcase this young superstar’s abilities, faith, and leadership.

How does RG3 maintain his competitive edge? How does he deal with the pressure of carrying a historic franchise on his shoulders? Can he take the NFL pounding, week in and week out? What is the likely outcome of his career if he remains a “running quarterback”? How does he balance on- and off-field commitments? What’s his character like? What role does his faith play in all this?

RG3 is a great football book that offers an in-depth look at practices, media appearances, off-field commitments, on-field exploits, and quiet moments of leadership over the course of a season. Peek behind the curtain of an athlete in progress as he seeks to make a world-class impact with his talent and his faith at the same time.

Ted Kluck is the author of several books, on topics ranging from Mike Tyson to the Emergent Church. Both Why We’re Not Emergent and Why We Love the Church (with Kevin DeYoung) won Christianity Today Book of the Year awards, and Paper Tiger: One Athlete’s Journey to the Underbelly of Pro Football won a Michigan Notable Book award in 2008. His work has also appeared in ESPN the Magazine and Christianity Today.
Ted has played professional indoor football, coached high school football, trained as a professional wrestler, served as a missionary, and taught writing courses at the college level. He lives in Grand Ledge, MI with his wife Kristin and sons Tristan and Maxim. He once owned a used Volvo and currently has a boxing ring in his basement.
Visit him at his website - HERE

You are probably thinking - Wait RG3 (Robert Griffin III) is not with the Steelers, why did you read that book? Well just because I am a huge Steeler's fan doesn't mean I can't appreciate other great players. I have watched a few Redskins games and have seen RG3 in action. Besides being a very nice looking young man he certainly looks like a promising and up-and-coming player to watch. I know my daughter will be watching him (and she is not a Redskins fan either). He has only played pro for a year and already America is in love with him! I was very excited to see this book was up for review!

OK so lets get to the book - I really enjoyed this book, period. My only disappointment was that I thought it was going to be more of a Bio about his life, and it wasn't. No... I would have to say 2 disappointments - there were no pictures! Yo! Ted - where are the pictures? You can't do a book about a nice looking guy like RG3 and put such a nice cover on it and then have no pictures inside! What's up with that?

But seriously... This is a book about football, it is a book about quarter backs, a book about RG3's first year, with a little bit of his life thrown in. Some people complained that it was too much like a play-by-play of his first game, but... I actually really liked that part! The author really does a great job of explaining everything. I had no trouble picturing every play. It was fun for me! I even liked reading about other QB's and the history of the Redskins. This is really a very interesting book - if you like football. If you don't like football - well, not so much.

If you are a fan of football, it doesn't matter what team you like, you will probably like this book! I found it fascinating, entertaining, informative, and fun! Some of this info I already knew but a lot of it I didn't, but it was all very interesting to me. The author certainly knows his stuff!

Thank you Thomas Nelson "Booksneeze" for sending me this book to read and review!

I am going to throw in these pictures just for you! What a cutie!


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