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The Maine Coon Cat - Liza Gardner Walsh 

5 Stars!!!!!

The Maine Coon is arguably the most popular breed of cat in the United States, and it is certainly the largest, with some males weighing nearly 20 pounds. This book provides an informative and fun look at America’s favorite feline, exploring the history and origins of the breed, traits and characteristics, interviews with breeders and owners, and some practical how-to advice. Filled with color photographs and sidebars of pertinent information, this is the perfect book for cat lovers. 

Liza Gardner Walsh has worked as a children's librarian, high school English teacher, a writing tutor, and a museum educator, and holds an M.F.A. in writing from Vermont College. Through all of these adventures, she has made tiny houses for fairies, trolls, mice, snails, and other little creatures. She lives in Camden, Maine, with her two daughters, Phoebe and Daphne, and her husband, Jeff.

That looks just like my kitty Martina on the cover! I thought what better person qualified to review a Maine Coon book than a Maine Coon owner! I was so excited to see this book up for review and even more excited to see that I was chosen!

This is a great little book! It is just packed full of gorgeous pictures and lots of information and stories about the Maine Coon Cat.
This book tells you all the characteristics, colors and traits of the Maine Coon, but also gives you some fun historical facts and cute stories.
 "The cat's origins are a mystery - its genes tumbled in the salt spray of Maine's rugged coast and married with the genes of sea captain's cats from around the world until a perfectly adapted specimen evolved with its own attributes."
"Cool facts - They float!, They can  handle the cold, They can handle the snow, They're super smart, They love to play"  - Well being a Maine Coon owner, I know all of this! Martina is so smart, sometimes I forget she is a cat. She is about 5 yrs old and she still plays like a kitten.

Even though I do know a lot about the Maine Coon Cat, having one of my own, I still found this book to be very interesting! Do Maine Coons have a link to Marie Antoinette? Did they originally come from the Vikings? Just how big do they get? 
I loved reading all the interesting stories about other Main Coons.
If you are a Main Coon owner or not, I think you would enjoy this book very much!

Thank you so much Librarything early reviews, and "Down East Books" for sending me beautiful book to read ans review!

I will leave you with a couple pictures of my kitty, Martina (doesn't she look just like the cover???)-

An after thought - I had a visitor, they commented "That is a huge cat!" Its funny I don't think of her as being big. I guess I am used to her, but compared to other cats she is big.


  1. Yes Martina is a beautiful kitty SORRY but i am partial to Somalis ( my Chloe). Martina is big, a mass of fur. I find it interesting to know about the different breeds and how they came about and where they originated. There traits and how they show cats. love going to the cat shows and there are usually quite a few Maine Coons there.
    Love the picture of Martina on the radiator.

    1. Maybe someday I will get to do a book about Somali's! LOL you never know!

  2. What a beautiful kitty, she does look big but people say that about my girl too. I haven't read any cat books but have a fair few on my tbr. I am over from Goodreads & your newest follower.

    Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

    P.s I love your book case pic at the top, am I the only one who, when you see pics like this, tries to read all the listed titles to see what I have read and whats on my shelf?

    1. Hey Lainy thanks for visiting! I am off to visit you now.