Fun Friday!

Don't you sometimes wish you could just stay in bed and read all day?
Well this has been one of those days... weeks!
I have a cold! A sniffy, runny nose, sneezy, coughing tired, stay in bed and read kind of cold.
But!... alas, life goes on. I am not dieing, its just a cold.
I have been taking my Echinacea, Air borne, and extra C, and drinking a lot of tea (OK I do have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning but then its tea! Lets not get crazy!)

So I have dedicated these pictures of reading in bed to this special occasion!

Oh my gosh, this is awesome!
And I love the cat in this one!
 Holy Moly, now that makes me feel better! -
What do you do when you have a cold?

*** An added thought for those who have not tried or do not understand about alternative medicine -
Everyone knows (or should know) that over-the-counter drugs do not "cure" a common cold, all they do is mask the symptoms for a few hours to temporary make you feel better- you have to let a cold run its course.
But with Herbs etc. they actually do help you to get better, they help your body heal itself. Echinecea has been proven my the med. asso. to be a natural antibiotic! So if you didn't know that, start stocking up for your next cold!
And everyone should also know that hot tea (or anything hot for that matter) soothes a sore throat and a cough.
I also forgot to mention that I am also using natural Horehound drops for my cough (which is all but gone now BTW!) Horehound has also been proven affective for sore throats and coughs.
So- what's the "real medicine"? I think I will stick to  my methods!


  1. Love the sheets! and of course the last picture too!!!!!
    Maybe you need real meds, something stronger to help you to kick it. Get better fast...will ya!

  2. I have tried herbal methods for years and they nothing for me, teas, horehound drops, Vit C the works. They never made me better. Used OTC and even though they may mask the symptoms, that let me carry on and I actually got better much quicker on them. You have to do what works for you best.

    1. Yes, I do agree! You should use what works best for you and your body!

      PS - I am starting to feel better already! So I hope I have a good weekend.

  3. I wont use otc meds. In my experience I have felt no difference on the meds as I do when I'm off them. Applesauce, hot tea and echinecea however have proven to be a miracle "cure all" when I am sick (especially the applesauce)

    1. I forgot how applesauce is like a cure-all for you, funny!

  4. FUN pics.
    I adore reading in bed.
    I also love echinecea.
    I'm addicted to Traditional Medicinals Echinecea Throat Coat tea.

    Tell me more about these drops!

  5. OH MY GOSH!!!! That is exactly the kind of tea I am drinking right this very minute!!! With honey of course!
    Horehound you can get at any natural food store I am pretty sure. It really sooths the throat and I love the taste!


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