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Patti Fredericksen Colt & Tiffany Aller
4 Stars!

Worth A Damn Food presents 25 Favorite Cookie Recipes – classic, timeless recipes that belong in every kitchen. Whether lunch time, snack time, company arriving or special occasion, these tried and true recipes are lick-from-the-bowl delicious. Grandma couldn’t have done these better…and all at your fingertips on your ereader for instant access! With ten exclusive recipes included, come explore our sweet and gooey, crisp and tasty collection!

Tiffany Aller has more than a decade of experience as a freelance writer and editor and is also an enthusiastic blogger and researcher. A fan of great food, Tiffany publishes "Worth A Damn" cookbooks with partner Patti Fredericksen Colt, sharing great recipes in fun collections. A former HR manager and recruiter, Tiffany authors the 10 Step Career books. Lest her funny bone be neglected, she also has several humorous short books out or coming soon.
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From her food blog, Worth a Damn Food, to her popular hometown contemporary romances, Patti Fredericksen Colt is a prolific author, writer and expert everyday cook. A mom and a grandma, she uses her hectic life, voracious reading habits, numerous hobbies and varied life experiences to create stellar romances and delectable recipes. She has many published books with more projects pending to share. Patti lives with her family in Arlington, Texas.
This is your basic, no frills, everyday cookie recipe book.  When I say no frills, I mean - no pictures, no extras, no blah blah blah, just 25 great basic cookie recipes!
Now normally I hate cook books  without pictures, but I have to say it didn't bug me here. I think because these are all your everyday basic cookies. We all know what a sugar cookie looks like, we all know what a choc chip cookie looks like. This is all the old favorites wrapped up in one place, easy to get to, easy to read.
I liked it!

Here are some of the cookies included in this book -
Sugar cookies (and frosting)
Peanutbutter kiss cookies
Oatmeal cookies
Molasses cutout cookies
Frosted Butter cookies
Chocolate Chip cookies
Applesauce cookies
... just to name a few, there 25.

So there you have it - all you favorite coolies, easy to get to, all in one place.
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